Safran at the Russian National Exhibition in Paris

The Russian National Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, a highlight of the Year of France in Russia/Year of Russia in France linked event, was inaugurated on June 11 by Vladimir Putin, head of the government of the Russian Federation, and François Fillon Prime Minister of France. Running until June 15, this exhibition, located in the nave of the Grand Palais, spotlights contemporary Russia, in particular through French-Russian industrial partnerships in aerospace.

Fruitful collaboration
The Safran group, a partner to major Russian aerospace manufacturers, is showcasing several of its flagship products. On the ODK (Saturn) stand is a full-scale model of the new SaM146 engine with its nacelle. Powering the new Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jet, the SaM146 is developed and built by PowerJet, a joint venture of Snecma (Safran group) and NPO Saturn, the Russian engine-maker. Also on display are two turboshaft engines made by Group company Turbomeca, the Ardiden 3 and Arrius 2G, reflecting our long-standing partnership with the Russian helicopter industry. The Sukhoi stand features the nose landing gear by Group company Messier-Dowty for the Superjet 100, along with a reduced-scale model of the SaM146 engine.

Bolstering partnerships
On the day of the inauguration, Jean-Paul Herteman, CEO of Safran and Chairman of French aerospace industry association Gifas, and Alexei Fedorov, Chairman of the union of Russian aerospace industries (UAI), signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen collaboration between the aerospace industries of the two countries, in a ceremony attended by François Fillon and Vladimir Putin. The aim of this accord is to set up a framework for partnerships and alliances between the two industry associations.

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