Sagem Sécurité, Sagem Orga and Sagem Identification launch new all-in-one identification document: the multi-Match On card “IDeal Citiz™”

Multi-biometry enhances matching accuracy

Paris, May 4, 2010

Sagem Sécurité and its subsidiaries Sagem Orga and Sagem Identification (Safran group) present an all-in-one solution for highly secure identification that meets the full range of ID requirements, including e-services, digital signature and travel applications. IDeal Citiz™ is the first multi-Match On Card product to include fingerprint, iris and facial recognition technology. The combination of multi-biometry enhances the matching accuracy, giving much more reliability in holder authentication while respecting holder privacy – all holder biometry references remain secret and on the card.

Government agencies are demanding ever higher security and greater functionality as they work to improve their services for their citizens. They need a fast and efficient product to facilitate all transactions – Internet in e-government and e-commerce as well as border control. They need to strengthen national security, reduce ID fraud and theft and establish secure Internet access for their e-services, for example.

With IDeal Citiz™, Sagem Sécurité and its subsidiaries offers an all-in-one product that meets the full range of government ID requirements, including e-services, digital signature and travel applications. It addresses all ID application needs: national e-ID and corporate e-ID, healthcare/welfare card, driver license, resident permit and qualified signature.

IDeal Citiz™ enables identification, online authentication and electronic signature with maximum security (CEN15480/IAS ECC specification, EAL5+ Common Criteria security certification). It is a travel document and a means of citizen identification (ICAO/EAC standards). IDeal Citiz leverages the biometrics expertise of Sagem Sécurité, the smart card expertise of Sagem Orga and Sagem Identification's experience on the security document market to implement the first multi-Match On Card feature on a smart card (fingerprint MINEX II, facial and iris on request) to allow strong multi-biometric authentication.

Sagem Sécurité's all-in-one ID document is fully interoperable with the IAS ECC and ICAO/EAC ecosystems. Furthermore, it provides customers with an open product for the personalization stage thanks to the use of the common personalization specification, a standard published by Global Platform. It is flexible enough to load applets without jeopardizing the product's security certification.

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  • IAS ECC: the international standard defined by Gixel (the French smartcard industry association).
  • EAL 5+ Common Criteria: international standard for computer security certification.
  • EAC: Extended Access Control (EAC) technology is a vital component in ePassport solutions, allowing storage of fingerprint or iris-scan biometrics on microprocessors in e-passports.
  • ICAO: The International Civil Aviation Organization developed the standards for machine-readable travel documents.
  • MINEX: The Minutia Interoperability Exchange Test series.

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Sagem Sécurité
Sagem Sécurité is a high-technology company in the Safran Group. One of the world's leading suppliers of identity systems, Sagem Sécurité focuses on applications including personal rights and flow management, in particular based on biometrics, a sector in which it is the world leader, secure terminals and smart cards. Its integrated systems and equipment are deployed worldwide and contribute to the safety and security of transportation, data, people and states.,

Sagem Orga
Sagem Orga is a global leader in the smart card industry. Its portfolio includes hardware, software, consulting and services, all focused on smart cards for the telecommunications, health, identification and banking sectors. As a subsidiary of Sagem Sécurité (SAFRAN Group), the world's No. 1 in identification, Sagem Orga offers comprehensive integrated solutions designed to secure the digital and mobile community. The company has a workforce of over 2,100 people around the world and production facilities incorporating the latest technology in Germany, Brazil, Russia, Mexico and India.

Sagem Identification

Sagem Identification (Sagem Sécurité, part of Safran group) develops, manufactures and manages systems that link people and their identity inextricably with each other. Products include passports and identity cards, drivers' licenses, bank cards, gift vouchers and loyalty cards. It designs and prints high security documents.

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Sagem Sécurité
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