The Fougères site cultivates its reputation for logistics excellence

Over the course of many changes of activity, the teams at the site of Sagem Industries (Safran group) have built up a precious stock of logistics know-how that is set to be of benefit to the other companies of the Group.

Long dedicated to the mobile phones business, the Fougères establishment gained a reputation for the logistics expertise of its teams. With the reconversion of the site, Safran has decided to capitalize on this particular strength. This mastery of the flows of information and material alike has already won over several Group companies, which have assigned to Sagem Industries some of their activities that require perfect supply chain management.

In 2009, Turbomeca (Safran group) decided to use this Brittany site for the management of half of its stock of spare parts, modules and complete turbines, with the stated imperative of complete oversight of document traceability, such a stringent prerogative in the aerospace business. "The dispatching of a spare part is always accompanied by a plethora of documents. If there is a single one missing, the client may refuse to sign off," explains Philippe Gaulier, Group Head of Logistics. Thanks to their experience and their mastery of SAP, the enterprise management software, it took only a few months for the Sagem Industries teams to make their case. Today, Turbomeca has cut its logistics circuit down to two platforms, thereby making significant efficiency gains.

A model to emulate
The site teams are looking to enjoy similar success with the FELIN system, the ultra-modern infantry equipment developed and produced by Sagem (Safran group). To clinch this deal, they demonstrated their capacity to manage large volumes organized into very complex flows. The FELIN equipment, indeed, comprises over 300 references. Delivery for a single regiment requires the preparation of 700 pallets. For Philippe Gaulier, all this success derives first and foremost from know-how that has been patiently cultivated since the site's creation: "The teams are steeped in the culture of product serialization. They know how to manage large volumes and ensure flawless documentary traceability."
Excellence of this kind would surely merit wider exposure, so that the effects might trickle down through the Group as a whole, and this is an idea that is gaining ground. "The site is now gaining in terms of efficiency," says Philippe Gaulier. "Very soon, it could become the logistics model for Safran as a whole."

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