Marc Ventre reelected Chairman of Clean Sky

Marc Ventre, Safran Executive Vice President, Aerospace Propulsion branch, was reelected as Chairman of the Governing Board of the European research program Clean Sky on March 18.

The Governing Board of Clean Sky, a research program launched in 2008, has elected Marc Ventre to a second term as Chairman. "Clean Sky is Europe's largest ever research program in aeronautics," points out Marc Ventre, "and is in the form of an innovative public-private partnership called a Joint Technology Initiative, or JTI. Along with the Research General Directorate of the European Commission, program management has worked extensively to develop the organizational structure and operating procedures for the program, leading to a ‘declaration of autonomy' for the JTI at the end of last year."

The aim of this major research program – the largest ever launched by the European Commission – is to identify and develop the breakthrough technologies needed to make tomorrow's air transport more environmentally friendly. With a 1.6 billion euro budget over a period of seven years, Clean Sky brings together European industry, research centers, academia, etc. More than 80 partners are already participating in the Clean Sky program.

Safran, a major player in Clean Sky

"We now have to focus on the core mission, namely to design and build the actual demonstrators that will allow us to validate the technologies chosen to meet our objectives for the reduction of fuel consumption, CO2 and NOx emissions, and noise," says Marc Ventre. Safran is of course fully committed to this mission. The Group is actively involved in the six Integrated Technology Demonstrators that reflect the main areas of research for this program. Three of these ITDs are dedicated to specific types of aircraft: smart fixed-wing aircraft, green regional aircraft, green rotorcraft. The other three ITDs apply to all types of aircraft: sustainable and green engines, green systems for operation, and eco-design. At the same time, the Technology Evaluator will assess the environmental impact of the technologies being studied through Clean Sky.

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