When security goes to trade fair

For its 16th outing, the Milipol trade fair welcomes 1,000 exhibitors from 42 countries. Safran, through its subsidiaries Sagem and Sagem Sécurité, is there to present its latest solutions in the field of security.

Every two years Paris plays host to Milipol, the international trade fair for homeland security, and which this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary. For Safran group, this provides the opportunity to showcase what it has to offer, in terms of both innovations and solutions that are already successfully deployed in the field.

Biometrics on-the-fly

Fingerprints are all over the Safran stand this year. Indeed, no less than three innovative systems in this domain will be presented at Milipol by Sagem Sécurité. There is the new Morpho RapID, a mobile terminal designed for government forces in the field; the Finger VP terminal, the fruit of the partnership with Hitachi, offering dual fingerprint and vein recognition; and last but not least there is the "Finger On-the-Fly" ID concept, which enables the capture and processing in just a few seconds of the fingerprints of four fingers of a moving hand. Another system of on-the-fly image capture, "Face On-the-Fly", is capable of recognizing a face, however the target's head may be angled, thanks to a 3D reconstruction system. This will be one of the stars of the show.

The police officer of the future

FELIN (the French acronym for "infantryman with integrated equipment and links") is currently in use with several armed forces and represents a new source of technology for the forces of law and order. Several aspects of FELIN offer real enhancements of their operational efficiency. These include the optronics equipment, and also the communication headband, or osteophone, which transmits sounds by inducing vibrations through the bones of the head, so allowing operatives to keep their ears free for hearing the noises around them and so remaining alert to threats in their immediate environment. These technologies offer a glimpse of how the police officer of the future is likely to be equipped.

JIM LR binoculars on show

Another top piece of kit are the Sagem JIM LR binoculars that already equip the border protection units of various countries in the framework of the Schengen programs of the EU. JIM LR has also demonstrated its efficiency within several NATO armies on overseas missions. France, for its part, has ordered over 600 units for its Army. Light (3kg), user-friendly and highly integrated, the JIM LR binoculars provide operatives with supreme operational capability: detection and identification, by day or night, of vehicles, water craft, light aircraft and pedestrians at distances of up to several kilometers. Moreover, it is designed to be integrated as part of the network protection mechanism.

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