<i>“Caring about tomorrow”</i> <br />Sagem Sécurité, Sagem Orga and Sagem Identification at CARTES & IDentification 2009

Paris, CARTES & IDentification 2009

Under the slogan "Caring about tomorrow," Sagem Sécurité and its subsidiaries Sagem Orga and Sagem Identification (Safran group) are exhibiting at CARTES & IDentification, the world's leading event for digital security and smart card technology. Visitors will find out about solutions that create greater security and new opportunities for the world of tomorrow while also learning more about an increasingly important aspect in today's world: sustainability and environmental protection.

At CARTES & IDentification 2009, Sagem Sécurité, a leader in biometrics, and its subsidiaries Sagem Orga, a leader in the smart card industry, and Sagem Identification, an expert in ID document solutions, are combining their expertise to secure increasingly mobile and digital societies.

To meet the needs of governments in the areas of identification and border control, they will launch IDeal Pass™, a new eTravel document with a data-reading time of less than 3 seconds.

They will also present the "3D Photo ID" solution, which implements a three-dimensional portrait of the holder in an ID document through live capture and an integrated lens array on the data card. 3D Photo ID is a first-line security feature that speaks for itself.

In light of the increasing need for security in the virtual world, the companies will present a project included in the "Internet of Things." This SESAMES-award-nominated software solution enables communications between objects in the "Internet of Things."

In addition to developing a sustainable technology for the world of tomorrow, the three Safran group companies believe that environmental protection is no longer just a buzzword in the IT industry and that it has to be accounted for in their strategy and projects. Taking this message to CARTES & IDentification 2009, the companies chose for their booth light weight modular materials to reduce transport and weight, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Reusable materials were used for the booth which following the exhibition will be stored for future use. Carbon consumption resulting from the remaining exhibition activities will be compensated with a donation to the World Wildlife Fund for a rain forest project.

The topics demonstrated by Sagem Sécurité, Sagem Orga and Sagem Identification at CARTES 2009 include:

• End-to-end solutions from enrollment to post-issuance
• 3D Photo ID security feature
• Ideal Pass™: a fast and secure passport; less than 3 seconds reading time
• An all ID inside solution: National e-ID, healthcare/welfare card, driver license, resident permit

Identity & Access Management

Corporate security
• Smart logon, SSO
• PKI, digital signature
• Biometrics, Match on Card


• Strong authentication
• Signature
• Payment and e-commerce applications

Mobile Telecommunications
• NFC: The "tap & go" experience
• M2M: Solutions to pave the way for a future with smart and secure machine-to-machine communications
• SCWS: Enhancing the card experience
• Mobile Money: Securing m-commerce
• X-Menu: Presenting mobile services directly to customers
• TAP Essential – The Total Analysis Package to monitor your network performance

• Mobile payment / NFC
• Contactless payment
• Card body technology
• PKI authentication
• Biometrics in payment
• Successful DDA/CDA migration

"Internet of things"

November 17 - 19
Paris-Nord, Villepinte Exhibition Centre, France
Hall 4 / Booth K 001

Sagem Orga GmbH
Mareike Blumentrath
Phone: +49 (0) 52 51/ 8 89 – 1216

Mobile: +49 (0) 162/200 77 61

Sagem Sécurité
Caroline Coudert

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Mobile: +33 (0)6 11 88 72 67

Sagem Identification
Herman Hemels

Phone +31 (0) 23 7995 146
Mobile +31 (0) 6 51 21 37 03

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