A Safran helicopter engine for a Chinese university

Safran continues to reinforce its links with the Civil Aviation University of China through its gift of a second engine. These donations were made in the framework of the cooperation agreement signed with the University in 2005.

Since May of this year, the students of the Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) have had a new engine to assist them with their studies. This engine – a Turmo IV C – was a gift to the prestigious institution from Safran, through its Turbomeca subsidiary. It joins a CFM56-3B donated in 2006 to mark the 55th anniversary of the University.
In the words of Lin Yang, general manager of Turbomeca Beijing Helicopter Engines Trading Co. Ltd. based in Beijing: "Safran has, for many years, provided support to educational programs in China and to the nation's schools and universities, in particular the Civil Aviation University of China, the main technological university institution in China dedicated to civil aviation."
The cooperation agreement signed by Safran with the CAUC was launched in November 2005 with the inauguration of a media library to complement a room dedicated to Safran publications, a Safran Product Exhibition and Practice Hall and personal training seminars. It is the CAUC that invests in the infrastructures while Safran supplies the various associated equipment and materials.

Safran: a historic partner

Safran's presence in China dates back one hundred years, and has considerably strengthened over the past three decades. In the late 1970s, the Chinese armed forces purchased a number of Super Frelon helicopters, powered by the Turmo III, the predecessor of Turmo IV C engine. Today, half of China's military helicopters - 250 all told - are powered by engines from Turbomeca or manufactured under license. By the same token, over 50% of Chinese single-aisle aircraft are fitted with CFM56 engines, with some of the parts being manufactured locally in China by Safran.
Yet the Group's presence is not solely restricted to its engines: landing gear, brakes, avionics equipment, maintenance services - all stamped with Safran group expertise – are onboard features of many Chinese aircraft and, in particular, the ARJ21, the future regional jet developed by China.

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