The Safran experts network: from individual expertise to collective performance

On September 16 and 17, Safran brought together its experts from all the different companies in the group to officially mark the creation of 12 networks. The agenda topics featured developing complementary skills and synergy, encouraging joint research and defining the means of working together to innovate.

The Safran experts met on September 16 and 17 at the Safran group's Museum of Aeronautics and Space in Villaroche, near Paris. The meeting was chaired by Michel Laroche, Safran's senior vice-president Research & Technology, and Pierre Thouraud, technical director of Snecma and chairman of the Safran Technical Committee.
This event marked a new stage in the approach initiated by the group executive to reinforce the network of experts within the group and bring out breakthrough technologies. Within the Safran group, the highly specific status of "expert" reflects the recognition of individual mastery in a particular field of competence. There are around 900 experts spread across three levels: junior, senior and outstanding. For this convention, 250 senior and outstanding experts were invited.
"The experts have been working together in a network for several months. The idea was to bring them together in September so they could give an update on these workshops and present their first summarised conclusions", explains Michel de Crémiers of Safran's R&T department. Grouped together in 12 networks of 20 to 30 people, the experts develop key topics of expertise for the group. Directed by a team leader, each network met to define a working orientation. Naturally, this convention put the emphasis on subjects relating to network management and the transmission of expertise within the group.

Greater synergy

"Within the networks the synergy is increasingly stronger. These meetings enable the experts from different backgrounds to discuss and exchange ideas, which will lead to the establishment of crossover links between the group's companies", predicts Michel de Crémiers. In addition, a particular tool of collaboration has been created to encourage the sharing of research data. "We are convinced that by associating their fields of competence with the group network, experts will generate additional benefits for their companies. It is this knowledge sharing that will help to generate innovations and breakthrough technologies in Safran. This represents a real competitive advantage", concludes Michel Laroche, who also underlines the motto of the Safran expert networks: "from individual expertise to collective performance."

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