Safran’s complementary drone systems

On Monday, June 15, the French defense procurement agency DGA announced the acquisition of three new-generation Sperwer MKII drones by Sagem (Safran group).

According to Patrick Chenière, Sagem vice president for sales & marketing, drones, "The technological breakthrough in this new machine is the reduction of its ‘logistics footprint'. It needs fewer people to operate, and both the catapult and ground station are smaller, making it much easier to deploy a complete system; in fact, a single C-130 airlifter can carry the system."

The current-generation Sperwer (designated SDTI in France) now deployed in Afghanistan has won kudos from its users. "It's a solid, reliable system that successfully carries out all missions," says a platoon leader in charge of system operation, who recently returned from Afghanistan.

Another highlight at this year's Paris Air Show is the Patroller drone, unveiled to the public for the first time, after making its maiden flight on June 10. The Patroller shares the Sperwer core components, including the datalink system and ground station. But it carries out different missions, complementing those performed by the Sperwer drone. This aircraft operates like a glider, giving it endurance of 30 hours, and making it an ideal platform for the surveillance of large areas for either defense or security missions.

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