«Global Care» for the A380s of Singapore Airlines

With its « Global Care » solution, SAFRAN guarantees maximum availability of its braking and landing systems, at a fixed cost per flying hour.

To meet market expectations, Messier-Bugatti (SAFRAN group) has finalized development of a service offering that it calls "Global Care", aimed at clients using its braking and landing systems. This offering incorporates the SBH (Support By the Hour) contracts, based on the number of flying hours. Singapore Airlines chose this formula in October 2008 for its entire fleet of Airbus A380s: 19 aircraft whose entire equipment supplied by Messier-Bugatti is now under the "Global Care" contract until 2023.

A "win-win" service offering

For the airline company, Global Care offers a whole stack of advantages. As soon as an equipment item requires a maintenance operation, the company contacts Messier-Bugatti, which takes care of recovering the equipment and replacing it immediately. All the logistical operations of repair and maintenance are therefore handled by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The greatest benefit for the company is a guarantee of the increased availability of its aircraft; another advantage is being able to budget for expenditure over time. Outlay is thus made on a linear basis, thereby facilitating management operations and reducing costs thanks to the elimination of stocks.

These contracts allow Messier-Bugatti to receive regular income over the long-term, even if the individual returns are less than for a "one-shot" maintenance operation. They also make it possible to accumulate feedback on the equipment in service, so enhancing the reliability of this equipment. "This type of contract is a healthy option," explains Philippe Naïm, sales manager at Messier-Bugatti. "The less downtime there is, the more we can earn and the better the airline company can prosper. This leads us to strive unceasingly to improve reliability, and this is something we can do all the more easily when we are the only ones to have access to the equipment. The benefits of retrofits are perfectly transparent to the client, who is free to decide whether or not to adopt them. This underpins our relationship of trust." Already tried and tested, these arguments carry even more weight since the signing of the contract with Singapore Airlines, a benchmark player in the aeronautical sector.

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