Rolls-Royce Turbomeca signs engine support contract with Australian Aerospace

11 March 2009

Rolls-Royce Turbomeca (RRTM) and Australian Aerospace have signed an agreement to provide Through-Life Support (TLS) for the Australian Army's new fleet of MRH90 Helicopters.

Under the contract, RRTM will provide technical, logistics and supply support services for the RTM322-01/9 engine installed on the MRH90 helicopter. In-country support will be provided by Turbomeca Australasia, which provides repair services for the engine from its industrial centre in Bankstown, Sydney.

The contract will run for five years with a follow-on option of a further five years, and is one of several key sub-contracts to be awarded by Australian Aerospace, the prime contractor for the MRH90 programme, in the establishment of a comprehensive TLS arrangement for the Australian helicopter fleet.

RRTM Chairman Pierre Fabre and Turbomeca Australasia Managing Director Stewart Noel expressed their satisfaction at developing a comprehensive support solution for Australian Aerospace, including a repair facility within Australia.

The Australian Department of Defence selected the Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 to power the initial batch of 12 MRH90 multi-role helicopters in 2005 and placed a follow-on order to power an additional 34 helicopters in 2007.

The RTM322 is now firmly established as the engine of choice for the NH90 family, with over 85 per cent of the market. It has also been selected for over 60 per cent of EH101 orders. Approximately 1,600 RTM322 engines, including orders and options, have been announced for NH90, WAH-64 Apache and EH101 helicopters.

The RTM322 is at the beginning of its lifecycle and has a very clear growth path for the future. Its combination of reliability, power and growth potential has been a significant factor in its success across a range of aircraft.


- Rolls-Royce Turbomeca is Europe's longest-running aerospace joint venture Co-operation between Rolls-Royce and Turbomeca began in May 1965, with the agreement between the British and French governments to build the Jaguar fighter / trainer aircraft. Six months later, the partnership was selected to develop and supply the Adour engine for the Jaguar.

- Turbomeca Australasia has been established for over 13 years and serves as a major repair centre for Arriel 1 series engines and a support centre for the Arrius, Arriel and Makila engines. In addition Turbomeca Australasia has completed the assembly and test for the MTR390-2C for the Tiger and is currently responsible for the production line of the RTM322 for the MRH90. In 2007, Turbomeca Australasia was the first worldwide MTR390 qualified repair centre. It has over 140 employees who provide support to more than 150 operators and 400 engines distributed throughout Australia, New-Zealand and all the surrounding islands.

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