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Safran Data Systems Inc Norcross Location

Safran Data Systems, Inc. - Norcross

Industrial site

Located in the state of Georgia in the United States, Safran Data Systems, Inc. Norcross location combines production, sales and service activities. The site supplies acquisition systems and on-board recorders, mission recorders and ground telemetry reception systems.


3005 Business Park Drive GA 30071 Norcross

United States

33° 57' 19" N , 84° 12' 31" W
Safran Data Systems Norcross

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Safran Data Systems, Inc. is a U.S Department of Defense (DOD) supplier offering a complete range of specialized sensor and recording equipment for aircraft testing and mission operations, rocket and missile test and launch monitoring, as well as providing a myriad of ground and airborne avionics equipment specific for DOD aerospace test range operations. Safran Data Systems, Inc. provides ground equipment for satellite tracking across the commercial, civil, and DOD space industry from new space companies, to universities, the US Space Force, and NASA. Safran Data Systems, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing real-time ground-based Space Domain Awareness data to the U.S. Government helping to preserve global access to space for the world.

Our corporate structure
Safran employees at the Safran Paris-Saclay site

Why Join Us?

Take part in the Aerospace Adventure and make history by working on all types of flying platforms (commercial aircraft, fighters, missiles, launchers, flying taxis...).

Each employee at Safran Data Systems, Inc. plays a key role in the story and participates, through his or her actions, in the company's success. Recognition and trust are two keywords that illustrate our way of working.

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