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Digital Transformation Manager

Company : Safran Cabin Job field : Continuous improvement Location : Garden Grove , California , United States Contract type : Permanent Contract duration : Full-time Required degree : Bachelor's Degree Required experience : More than 5 years Professional status : Professional, Engineer & Manager Spoken language(s) : English Fluent Salary range : USD 87,960 - 138,230

Job Description

Job Summary:
As a Digital Transformation Manager, you will be responsible for leading the evolution of the current M3 version and to be part of the implementation of the M3 Cloud version (DigiUp). One of the primary roles of the Digital Transformation Manager is being the Product Owner ERP Operations, where you will act as a bridge between operational business stakeholders (key users, department managers) and the development team, ensuring that the ERP product aligns with the organization's strategic goals and meets the needs of end-users. This role requires a deep understanding of business processes, excellent communication skills, and the ability to prioritize and drive product development.
Summary of Duties:
Product Roadmap:
• Develop and maintain a detailed product roadmap that outlines the planned features, enhancements, and releases for the ERP product.
• Prioritize features based on business value, customer feedback and market trends for effective alignment with other software and business solutions
Requirements Management:
• Gather and prioritize product requirements from internal stakeholders and external customers.
• Create and maintain detailed user stories, acceptance criteria, and other documentation to guide the development team.
Cross-functional Collaboration:
• Work closely with cross-functional teams, including developers, designers, quality assurance, and other stakeholders, to ensure successful product development and delivery.
• Provide clear and timely communication to all stakeholders regarding the status of ongoing projects.
Quality Assurance and Testing:
• Collaborate with the quality assurance team to define test plans and ensure the ERP product meets quality standards.
• Participate in user acceptance testing and gather feedback for continuous improvement.
Release Management:
• Coordinate with the development team to plan and execute product releases.
• Ensure smooth and timely delivery of product updates, patches, and new features.
Training and Support of Key Users:
• Collaborate with the key users/teams to develop user training materials and conduct training sessions as needed.
• Provide ongoing support to end-users and address any issues or concerns related to the ERP product and its interaction with other software/business solutions.
Improve process efficiency for the current M3 version:

Business Process Mapping:
• Begin by mapping out existing business processes within the organization.
• Participate a self-assessment, supported by Cabin IS group and the Cabin Center of Competence
• Identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement.
Define Clear Objectives:
• Clearly define the objectives of improving process efficiency, such as reducing cycle times, minimizing errors, or enhancing data accuracy.
• Identify points of measurements in the process in order to start driving the process time by data driven decisions

Complementary Description

ERP System Review:
• Assess the current configuration of the ERP system to ensure it aligns with business processes.
• Identify modules and features that can be leveraged to streamline operations.
Customization and Configuration:
• Tailor the ERP system to meet specific business needs through customization and configuration.
• Automate routine tasks and workflows to reduce manual intervention.
User Training and Adoption:
• Invest in comprehensive training programs for end-users to ensure they are proficient in using the ERP system.
• Promote user adoption through ongoing support and guidance.
Data Management:
• Implement data quality standards provided by Safran and validation rules to ensure accurate and reliable data.
• Regularly audit and clean up data to maintain data integrity.
Integration with Other Systems:
• Integrate the ERP system with other business-critical systems to streamline data flow and eliminate data silos (for example AeroXchange, EDI, and others).
• Ensure seamless communication between ERP and other software applications.
Continuous Monitoring and Improvement:
• Implement monitoring tools to track key performance indicators (KPIs) related to process efficiency.
• Regularly review and analyze data to identify opportunities for further improvement.
Feedback Mechanism:
• Establish a feedback mechanism for end-users to report issues or suggest improvements.
• Encourage a culture of continuous improvement based on user feedback.

Job Requirements

Education: Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (Business, Information Technology
Experience: 7-10 years' data management, project analyst and supply chain experience in aerospace, automotive or mechanical manufacturing environment with the ability to influence others. 2+ years of meaningful analyst experience and some project management experience.
Computer Skills: Proficient with MS Office Skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word). Advanced Excel skills (ex: macros, arrays, pivot tables, logic statements, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications:
• Proven experience as a Product Owner or similar role, preferably in ERP software.
• Strong understanding of ERP concepts and business processes.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.
• Familiarity with agile development methodologies
Other Criteria:
• Strong written and verbal business communications abilities, must be comfortable delivering information to all levels of the organization including senior leadership.
• Working knowledge of business finance skills and abilities
• Understanding of S&OP and inventory management
• Proven analytical experience and the ability to use data effectively to influence people within a cross functional team setting to achieve company goals
• Strong project management, analytical, and troubleshooting skills.
• Demonstrated ability to handle multiple projects and assignments with attention to detail
• Problem solving, well organized, detailed oriented and accurate.
• Proficient working with MRP/ERP systems

At Safran, diversity & inclusion is a source of richness that adds quality of life, performance, and innovation. We welcome diverse contributions and provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, age, national origin, ancestry, disability/medical condition, military or veteran status, citizenship status, genetic characteristics or information, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Specificity of the job

Traveling may be required.

Salary Statement:
The expected salary range for this position is between $87,960 - $138,230 USD. Actual compensation will be determined based on experience, education, and other factors permitted by law.

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