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Querétaro , Mexico Permanent Full-time Bachelor's Degree More than 3 years English Fluent French Intermediate

Job Description

• Responsible for all certified Level I and Level 2 personnel
• Have the skills and knowledge to interpret codes, standards and other contractual documents that control NDT method(s) as used by the employer.
• Be capable of assuming technical responsibility for the NDT facility and staff.
• Be capable of selecting the method and technique for a specific inspection.
• Be capable of preparing and verifying the adequacy of procedures, work instructions and part certifications.
• Approve NDT procedures and work instructions for technical adequacy.
• Have general knowledge of other NDT methods and product manufacturing and inspection technologies used by the employer.
• Have knowledge of aircraft Engines or vehicle manufacturing and maintenance.
• Be capable of providing or directing training, examination and certification of personnel.
• Conduct NDT for the acceptance of parts and document the results if a demonstration of proficiency in this ability was included in the practical examination.
• Be capable of auditing outside agencies to ensure the requirements of the written practice are met.
• Responsible for conducting quarterly in house audits.
• Responsible to process product as required through the NDT line on an as need basis. This is a working Level 3 position.
• Responsible to assure all equipment requiring calibration is in calibration, this includes but is not limited to times, meters, test panels (TAM panels).
• Designated as instructor with responsibility for employer's certification program for level 1 and level 2 NDT personnel.
• Review/approve Occupational Health Services R.N. to perform initial and annual eye exams.
• Maintain Level III Certification and training as required.
• Be responsible for conducting annual reviews and forward the results to Quality Manager.
• Review production reports and op sheets to verify if FPI is required and at the appropriate operation sequence. Create technique sheets for all new product compliant with customer requirements.
• Must follow and comply company and customer quality procedures.
• Willingness to help out in other areas such as Heat treat, Chemical Etch, EDM, Machinning

Job Requirements

• Candidate for certification to Level 3 shall complete sufficient formal training to become proficient with the principles and practices of the applicable test method and technique(s) and be capable of carrying out the duties specified above. Formal training shall be conducted prior to or in conjunction with on-the-job training. All completed NDT training shall be documented and in accordance with NAS-410.
• Minimum qualifications for Level 3:
Must have held a prior certification of Level 2 for 4 years within the method, Fluorescent Penetrant (PT).
• Pass a Specific, General and Practical examination given by an approved outside agency.
Candidate must have an average combined score of no less than 80% in order to be eligible for certification.
• Must pass an annual eye exam (near vision and color perception test).
• Must be able to sit in a darkened booth for long periods of time.
• Prolonged standing and bending is required and must be capable of lifting up to 30 lbs.
• Manage level 1 and Level 2 NDT technicians, assure compliance to requirements.

Specificity of the job

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