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Maintenance Assistant Engineer

Company : Safran Landing Systems Job field : Means and equipment maintenance Location : Suzhou/ 苏州 , Jiangsu , China Contract type : Fixed Term contract Contract duration : Full-time Required degree : College/ Technical Diploma/ Associates Degree Required experience : More than 5 years

Job Description

Directly involve & support all the maintenance data works, and contribute all the Department KPIs to be achieved, Maintain the productivity for equipment

Involve the maintenance daily work of curative & preventive maintenance, to ensure the timely / efficiently recovery of the equipment; lead the administration work of maintenance (e.g. the supplier management, quotation, WFGs of PR & tracking, documentation management, CDP / CMMS management, 5S management), to ensure the daily work can be carried out smoothly.

- 参与设备设施日常的维护工作,确保设备能正常生产
Daily equipment maintenance works to ensure the productivity
- 按计划对生产设备及其辅助设备进行有效的定期维护工作
Carry out the equipment preventive maintenance works per plan & efficiently
- 参与及协调供应商的现场服务及设备维修工作
Work with supplier onsite service & equipment repair works
- 日常备品备件的采购下单、库存管理及部门5S改善
Daily management of the spare part & PR/POs & 5S improvement
- 维修报修系统CMMS的管理和维护
Manage the CMMS system
- 维修文件、表格的管理及维护;排班系统的维护等
Manage the documentations, and as well as the CDP system
- 设备用冷却液、油品/油脂、防锈油等的管理和维护
Manage the usage of coolant / oil / grease, and to ensure the efficiency / quality
- 经理和主管及组长分配的其他任务
Other assignments from the Dept. Mgr., supervisor & team leader

Job Requirements

- 本科及以上学历
bachelor degree or above
- 机械,电气,工业自动化等相关专业
Major in Mechanical, electrical or automation.
- 熟悉多种类型的生产设备,并能独立上手处理基本的设备问题
Have knowledge of multiple types of equipment, and able to treat some basic equipment issues by self.
- 熟悉常规办公软件,并且能很好使用(如Microsoft office)
Familiar with ordinary software (e.g. Microsoft office)
- 具有良好的书面及口头沟通能力
Good skills of oral & written communication
- 具有较好的英语听说读写的能力
Good at English of communication & expression
- 具有良好的计划和执行能力
Good ability of planning and execution.
- 具有良好的安全意识,学习能力,团队意识。
Good safety awareness, learning ability and team spirit.

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