Head of Research and Technology


Key information

R&D Technical Direction
Research, design and development
Professional, Engineer & Manager
Kestrel house, lakeside, llantarnam np44 3hq cwmbran, England, UK
Regular Full time, Full-time

Job description

Lead the local R&T function to develop and support the R&T effort steered from the Safran Seats R&T roadmap; Develop the public R&T funding granted by his geographic area public authorities and support the contacts with local Government institutions; Foster participative innovation within Safran Seats France/GB/USA.

  • • Be accountable for the responsibilities of the R&T thematic global leads which are in his team.
  • • Support his team in the execution of the R&T projects they are entrusted with:
    • - Assist all R&T thematic global leads in their missions locally
    • - Provide adequate resources from his team or assist the allocation of resources from other functions (esp. Engineering), or from third parties to execute the agreed scope of work while meeting the agreed budget of the said project
  • • Be responsible for the execution efficiency of the projects executed by the core R&T team he manages
  • • Manage his local core team, in particular:
  • • Strategic planning of engineering research projects in line with Technology Roadmaps.
  • • Act as the Primary Point of Contact for global R&T initiatives.
  • • Generate external financial support to maintain long term research activity.
  • • Seek to create research partnerships with Universities and Technology based enterprises.
  • • Support the creation of RFQ data to support innovative product development and the release of data to support technology implementation at project launch.
  • • Promote Engineering capabilities through publications in International journals.
  • • Attend conferences and exhibitions to collect and assess technical information.
  • • Liaise with business functions to support research activities.

  • • Disciplined – Following methods and decisions diligently in order to improve performance.
  • • Visionary – Focussing on the future in order to make creative discoveries and mobilize others.
  • • Collaborative – Working together with others in order to create a more open, empowered and effective team.
  • • Innovative – Generating Ideas for the new products/services and processes in order to drive growth, performance and value.
  • • Accountable – Taking responsibility for one's actions or lack of actions in order to encourage positive changes.
  • • Transparent – Communicating openly and based on real facts in order to build trust, improve decision making and address issues.

Job requirements

  • • The successful applicant will have strong knowledge in System, Electronics Architecture, Electronics Boxes and Software. They will be exposed in Strategy to feed the Future and speed-up the Integration of Innovations
  • • Knowledge in Materials such as composite, plastics and metal is desirable with the approach to adapting and learning new technologies
  • • Be forward thinking with knowledge in a specialized Engineering field
  • • Self reliant, hard working, pro-active and motivated.
  • • Have strong management and organisational skills, with budgetary experience
  • • Be qualified to Honours Degree or equivalent level in an engineering or scientific field.
  • • Knowledge of MS Office Packages
  • • Demonstrate strong communication skills including verbal, written and formal presentations.

  • “Regulatory and Product Awareness is required (Training will be provided where necessary)”

Specificity of the job

You will be required to hold a full U.K. Driving License and Passport, as some UK and overseas travel may be required

Company information

Safran Seats

Safran is an international high-technology group, operating in the aviation (propulsion, equipment and interiors), defense and space markets. Its core purpose is to contribute to a safer, more sustainable world, where air transport is more environmentally friendly, comfortable and accessible. Safran has a global presence, with 81,000 employees and holds, alone or in partnership, world or European leadership positions in its core markets. Safran undertakes research and development programs to maintain the environmental priorities of its R&T and Innovation roadmap.

Safran is featured on the "Happy at work" rankings. The Group places fourth on the Capital ranking for best employers in France.

Safran Seats is a world leader in aircraft passenger and crew seats. One million seats made by the company are now in service worldwide.

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