Inventing tomorrow’s sky

Inventing avion tomorrow's sky

New-generation aircraft engines help make air travel safer and more environmentally-friendly: they're quieter, cleaner and use less fuel.

Create more effective materials

The use of new materials, from advanced metallic alloys to composites, means lighter and stronger parts. Safran is developing exciting new materials to increase product performance in terms of strength, weight and environmental impact.


Expertise in production processes is a key to making increasingly effective and innovative aircraft equipment.

One of the latest processes is additive manufacturing, more popularly known as 3D printing. It can make parts with complex shapes, faster and at lower cost than with conventional processes.

Towards more electric aircraft

At Safran, we're working to foster the development of "more-electric" aircraft, because we are firmly convinced that tomorrow's planes will have to be even more reliable, powerful and economical, while offering greater energy efficiency.

Allow aircraft to taxi without using their jet engines, replace the traditional hydraulic and pneumatic lines with electrical wiring… These and other advanced solutions are all under study or already being applied by Safran, the world leader in electrical interconnection systems for aircraft.

Efforts to increase the use of electrical systems on aircraft also concern helicopters.

For example, hybrid turbine systems are already under development to optimize engine performance for each flight phase, and thus reduce fuel consumption.

Big data and aviation

One of the keys to supporting this development work on new-generation aircraft engines and equipment is big data. Between the data generated during production, flight data, weather and other information, these huge streams of data give rise to endless possible applications, from reduced operating costs to predictive maintenance.

Our industry is entering a whole new era.

Develop tomorrow's engines

Tomorrow's airplanes will probably be very different from the ones we see today. Manufacturers will be looking for appropriate propulsion solutions, so Safran is developing new engine concepts, such as the open rotor, or an ultra-high-bypass model.

Learn more about the Open Rotor in less than 3 minutes
15 %decrease in fuel consumption
50 %margin in NOx emissions versus CAEP/6 standard
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