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  • 5,000 interns and studentsNearly 5,000 interns and students on work-study placements in Europe in 2020
  • 55% of positions55% of all job openings for recent graduates are filled by young persons who have received training at Safran

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from september to january
but you can see our job openings
all year long.
  • How to apply for a job?
  • Clarify your motivations
  • Update your résumé
  • Create your candidate profile
  • Set alerts
  • Apply via your candidate profile
  • Recruitment process
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Internshipsat safran

  • Eligibility

    Internships are open to students at all levels, from vocational high school to university, and for all job families.

  • Length

    Internships generally last for four to six months, but Safran may also offer shorter periods.



intern in the dimensional analysis of aircraft parts

« As an intern at Safran, I conduct concrete projects, and I can build up my experience in a very stimulating environment. »



wiring technician

« An internship at Safran is the quickest way to build up valid experience and take part in outstanding projects! »


We support you for a successful internship


Throughout your internship at Safran, one of our employees will guide you. He helps welcome and train you, and oversees the development of your skills.


an internship at safran:advantages?

  • Resumeexperience in a professional setting
    to add to your resume
  • Springboarda springboard
    for employment

    since nearly half of jobs filled by young graduates are taken by interns and participants in work-study programs.

  • Professionalismassignments that enhance
    professionalism and spotlight your capabilities

    allowing you to develop your skills and apply your knowledge.

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