Safran one of the top three patent filers in France

With 769 patent applications published in France in 2015 (7% more than in 2014), the Group remains the second largest patent filer just behind PSA Peugeot Citroën. This year a new entrant joined the top three, the automotive supplier Valeo, which took third place.

Changi Airport chooses Morpho to facilitate passenger experience in new Terminal 4 through biometrics

[See also the infographic below] Morpho (Safran) has signed a contract with Changi Airport in Singapore to supply a solution to facilitate the passenger journey using facial recognition. This biometric control system involving self-bag drop, integrated border clearance and self-boarding gates will increase the airport's operating efficiency and improve passenger travel experience.

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Morpho works with Visa to advance biometric authentication solutions in payment

Morpho works with Visa to advance biometric authentication  solutions in payment

As the mobile banking and payment market expands, so does the need for highly secure solutions such as biometrics, tokenization, digital signature and other solutions to protect consumers against identity theft and fraud. Morpho's collaboration with Visa intends to explore innovative security solutions in response to the strong growth in this market.

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Cobots: collaborative robots

Industrial cobotics is a recent discipline. How would you define it?

The word "cobotics" is a shortened version of Collaborative Robotics. This discipline is characterized by the direct or remote interaction between an operator and a robotic system. There are several types of cobots: those controlled by an operator in the immediate vicinity of the system, others which are controlled at a greater distance (remote-operated) and exoskeletons, which are an extension of the human body itself.

Safran takes stake in Krono-Safe, an innovative new critical software company

Paris, September 15, 2015

Safran announced today that it has acquired a capital stake in the company Krono-Safe, via Safran Corporate Ventures, its corporate venture capital subsidiary that focuses on new technology companies.


A spinoff of the French Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission, CEA

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When aerospace technology takes to the rails

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