Safran podcasts contribution to more electric aircraft

The more electric aircraft was one of the headline topics at the 50th Paris Air Show, held on June 17-21 2013. And what better place for Safran, a firm believer in aircraft electrification, to unveil its egts* electric green taxiing system, developed jointly with Honeywell, in an exclusive world first. The egts uses an electric engine between the main wheels – which prevents the airplane to use its main engines – to move aircraft on airport taxiways. This means substantial fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.

An “app” for Safran engines

What is a compressor? What does the afterburner do? What is a plasma thruster? Everything you always wanted to know about (civil, space and military) aircraft engines built by Snecma is now at your fingertips. Already available on the Internet, the video "How do Snecma engines work?" has been available for download since May on the App Store and Google Play Store in a version completely redesigned and adapted for tablets.

Cassiopée: a constellation of services

The Flight Ops Efficiency service, which was presented at the 2013 Paris Air Show, allows airlines to reduce their operating costs – fuel costs in particular – and to manage risks, and helps them to improve their operating procedures. It is enhancing the Cassiopée range of services, which turns raw data from aircraft equipment at every route stage (startup, taxiing, cruising, approach and arrival) into user-friendly information.

Snecma's PPS®1350-E plasma thruster sets world record

Vernon, France – July 22, 2014. The PPS®1350-E plasma thruster from Snecma (Safran) has completed a series of endurance tests totaling 6,700 hours of operation, for a total impulse* of 3.4 million Newton-seconds (MN.s), a world record for this type of thruster.

Safran Composites, a new research center dedicated to next-generation aerospace materials

Paris, May 13, 2014

Jean-Paul Herteman, Chairman and CEO of Safran, today inaugurated the new Safran composite materials research center at the Le Bouchet site in Itteville (Essone, greater Paris area), joined notably by Frank Marlin, MP for Essonne and mayor of Etampes, Alexandre Spada, mayor of Itteville, Jacques Mione, mayor of Ballancourt and Laurence Budelot, mayor of Vert le Petit.

Safran ranked second in France for patents filed, reflecting razor-sharp focus on innovation

Paris, April 11, 2014

According to the list announced today by French intellectual property agency INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle), Safran was ranked second in France in 2013 with 645 patents published, moving up one spot in the rankings.

Safran therefore maintains its position among the top three companies in France for the number of patents filed. The Group's INPI ranking clearly reflects its corporate strategy based on innovation and technological differentiation in all of its businesses.

Sagem (Safran) integrates on its tactical Patroller™ UAS a new generation imagery multi-sensors payload

Eurosatory 2014, Paris-Nord Villepinte, June 16, 2014

Sagem (Safran) just tested and integrated successfully a new generation optronics multi-sensors suite on its Patroller™ endurance UAS.

Safran to open new R&T center, Paris-Saclay

Paris, January 20, 2014

Safran's strategy is based on innovation and technology-driven differentiation. This strategy now moves to a new plane with the creation of a center dedicated to research, technology and innovation. Scheduled to open by the end of the year, it will consolidate Safran's corporate R&T and innovation teams, and focus on the development of new technologies for use by all of Safran's business sectors.

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