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Euronext Notice n°2005-1865 - May, 11th 2005

Share capital : 435,790,557 shares, with a par value of 0.20 euro per share.


Share name: SAFRAN
ISIN code: FR0000073272
Abbreviation: SAF
Euronext Index: CAC 40

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Safran named one of Top 100 Global Innovators for 2013 

The award ceremony was held at Thomson Reuters' Paris office, where Hervé Devred, Safran's head of intellectual property, received Safran's award as one of the Top 100 Global Innovators for 2013. This award recognizes Safran's continuous innovation policy, designed to support its differentiation strategy in fiercely competitive global markets. Safran was one of 11 French companies and organizations chosen in the 2013 ranking*.

Striving for safer vehicles

The AWARE (All Weather All Roads Enhanced Vision) project is gathering momentum, as its main contractors, Sagem (Safran), Valeo and Ulis1, were selected by the Fonds Unique Interministériel (FUI), an inter-ministerial single fund which is used to finance collaborative signed in 2013 by the automotive supplier and Safran, aims to develop a low-cost camera that will allow the safe driving of various civil and military vehicles.

Safran onboard the E-Fan

The current version of the E-Fan is a prototype all-electric aircraft developed by Airbus and Aéro Composite Saintonge (ACS), a French company specialized in composite materials. In February 2014, Safran joined the consortium of eleven partner-companies, led by Airbus Group Innovation, that is in charge of developing, producing and marketing the new E-Fan 2.0. The E-Fan is intended for flying clubs and schools, where it could be used to train professional pilots.

Developing solutions for quieter aircraft

For several decades now, noise standards in aeronautics have been becoming increasingly stringent, primarily reflecting environmental and quality of life related imperatives: aircraft noise is harmful to local residents, ground staff and passengers. To get a head start on the ACARE1 targets (a 50% reduction in perceived noise by 2020) and the standards set by the ICAO2, Safran companies are working together to improve the acoustic performance of their equipment.

The open rotor, the engine of tomorrow on the test bench

The "open rotor" is a future-generation aircraft engine developed by Safran. It leverages its revolutionary architecture to deliver ACARE1 fuel-consumption and CO2 emission goals, and is making progress fast.

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