“@ Safran, We love intrapreneurs!”

Innovating is about having not just good ideas, but a certain mindset too. And that's why Safran launched an innovation support program called "We love intrapreneurs" at the end of 2018. The idea is to encourage employees to identify new products and services that could generate value for the Group, and to help them fulfill their project within the company.

Taxi! Follow that plane!

Safran Corporate Ventures on the innovation trail

As everyone is aware, air transport has entered a period of change, which will demand a genuine revolution in terms of the technologies used. With this in mind, Safran Corporate Ventures' mission is to identify the market trends and technological breakthroughs that will drive the changes in air transport in the short to medium term: Artificial Intelligence, autonomous, connected systems, the Factory 4.0, new materials and manufacturing processes, hybrid propulsion systems, new flying platforms, etc.

Factory 4.0: a competitiveness factor for Safran, “a lever to transform the aeronautics sector”

A new competitiveness challenge…

For several years, the aeronautics sector has been undergoing an unprecedented acceleration worldwide. Record-breaking order books require increasingly ambitious objectives for ramping up production, at every level of the supply chain. This context means that companies in the sector are confronted by a new competitiveness challenge.


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