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Safran Aerosystems Arresting A World leader in emergency arresting systems for military aircraft

Within Safran Aerosystems, Safran Aerosystems Arresting is based in Aston (PA), USA and in Merpins, France. The company is the world leader in emergency land-based arresting systems for military aircraft.

Our expertise

Military aircraft arresting Systems

As the world leader in emergency arresting systems and energy transfer solutions for military aircraft, Safran Aerosystems has spent the last 75+ years designing a full range of systems intended for the controlled engagement of all types of fighter aircraft and UAVs. More than 5,000 systems supplied by Safran Aerosystems are in use in over 80 countries worldwide.

Saving lives and protecting high value assets

Safran Aerosystems brings decades of systems engineering experience to provide the most proven and reliable solutions to customers worldwide. New challenges arising from new aircraft such as Rafale, F-35 JSF or UAV recovery push us to always find improved net barrier & hook-cable arresting solutions for saving lives and protecting high value assets.

Support for Product Selection

Safran Aerosystems can help you find the right system to meet requirements based on aircraft types, runway constraints, frequency of utilization, lifecycle cost, and installation demands. For temporary systems, our suite of mobile products offer the same performance expected of fixed systems, but in a platform capable of supporting the most rapid expeditionary deployments.

Mechanical 500S type brake assembly, assembly and overhaul

Lifetime support services

Safran Aerosystems also offers a full range of lifetime support services from performance engineering reports, installation support and oversight, and various forms of on-site or in-house product training, maintenance, repair and overhaul services.

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Safran Aerosystems Arresting

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