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Working at Safran

Joining Safran means joining an international group where employees are given opportunities to develop throughout their careers. Widening your scope, managing a team, changing jobs, acquiring new skills... there are so many ways to grow at Safran!

16 %
of staff work in R&D roles
geographical mobilities in 2020
67 %
of Group employees worldwide took at least one training course in 2020
Victoria FOY, Executive VP BU Safran Seats GB

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My integration at Safran

Safran Seats - Industrial Design

How Safran is working to promote work/life balance

Safran is committed to offering its employees various measures to help ensure a good work/life balance. Several telework solutions have been set up in order to provide flexibility to each employee. Additionally, other measures have been developed to support employees at various stages of their lives (agreements with daycare centers, time off to help a loved one in need, additional days off, time off for humanitarian work, etc.). This wide range of options, which are constantly evolving based on the needs and legislation in place in the Group's locations, allow Safran to provide additional added value that is essential to employees.

Coworking zone
Coworking zone
Coworking zone
© Adrien Daste / Safran Formed in January 2015, Safran Analytics has the…
Workshop innovation modules - design and developpment engineering
Workshop innovation modules - design and developpment engineering
Workshop innovation modules - design and developpment engineering
© Eric Drouin / Safran
© Philippe Stroppa / Safran Safran Nacelles is a leading worldwide nacelle…
Living place
Living place
Living place
© Benoit Vallet / Safran Located in Massy, the Safran campus is reserved…
Team meeting
Team meeting
Team meeting
© Augustin Detienne / CAPA Pictures / Safran
Team meeting
Team meeting
Team meeting
© Adrien Daste / Safran
Virtual platform
Virtual platform
Virtual platform
© Pierre Soissons / Safran Safran Engineering Services has developed a…
Industrialisation team, product review meeting
Industrialisation team, product review meeting
Industrialisation team, product review meeting
© Adam Wiseman / CAPA Pictures / Safran

Safran University

Safran University is Safran's internal university. It's also a place for meetings and discussions, playing its part in strengthening a shared culture of innovation, performance and managerial excellence. Its comprehensive training offer is accessible to all, supporting employee development and Group transformation via innovative educational solutions in which digital technologies play a growing role. The training courses on offer cover strategic and operational subjects, as well as personal development.

Portrait of collaborator

"I had several opportunities to train through Safran University, first when I joined the Group and then during my professional development. I followed training directly related to my job, but also courses in personal development and foreign languages. I've enjoyed the flexibility offered by the different systems: face-to-face at the Campus – which also lets you expand your network and share best practices – e-learning on my computer or smartphone, virtual classes, etc." — Laurie, Technician in charge of the laboratory

Exterior view of the university - Safran Campus

My training at Safran

Safran employees receive training throughout their careers thanks to a rich and varied training offering. Digital solutions enable distance learning, increasing the flexibility of this offering. The Group has a dedicated 13-hectare Campus in France, and several branches, including one in North America (Dallas) and one in Asia (Beijing).

My development at Safran

With its strong international presence and its many business areas, Safran offers its employees rich opportunities for development throughout their careers. Whether you're changing your job, profession, company or country, or taking responsibility for a team or innovative project... whatever your aspirations, we provide support to help you build the career path that suits you, keeping pace with changes in the Group.

Delphine Dijoud

"In 13 years, I'have held seven different jobs in France and the United States. I've developed my career path to build up multiple skills on innovative and highly motivating projects! " - Delphine, Head of the preliminary projects department

David, planter

"After earning a vocational high school degree, I continued my training at Safran. I backed this up with training courses outside the Group, and today I'm in charge of an autonomous machining center." – David, Machinist.

Stepping up to the challenge of change! Find out about the journeys of 5 Group employees

Final round of the Student's Safran Challenge 2019

Safran's relationship with the academic world

Safran has formed partnerships with numerous schools and universities around the world and regularly meets with students through its network of ambassador employees. The Group is active within these institutions (e.g. with chaired positions), organizes student challenges, participates in examination boards, and hosts conferences and resume workshops.

Young Safran employees

Your internship with Safran

Our internship opportunities are available for all education levels, including entry-level internships. They are offered in all our departments. We post internship opportunities throughout the year in order to take into account the needs of each student, depending on their course of study (entry-level internships, gap-year internships, graduate internships, etc.). However, there are more of them between September and January. The vast majority of internships last four to six months, but there are shorter ones. Throughout your internship, you will be supported by a Safran employee (a tutor or internship supervisor), who will guide, train, and assist you and develop your skills.

Training of a novice : machining

Your work/study experience with Safran

Our work/study contracts are available for all education levels. They are offered in all our departments. We offer work/study contracts throughout the year. However, there are more of them between March and July, since schools start up in September/October. Throughout your work/study program, you will be supported by a Safran employee (a tutor or training supervisor), who will guide, train, and assist you and develop your skills. They will also liaise with your training organization. At the end of your program, they will take part in your evaluation.

Employee of Safran Tech

Preparing your thesis at Safran

Preparing a thesis at Safran offers you the opportunity to continue your work and research on innovative and fascinating subjects related to high technology, using the Group's many activities. It is a rewarding work experience that will punch up your resume and may offer you opportunities with the Group after your thesis. You can apply throughout the year; don't forget to create alerts on the recruitment site so that you can be notified in real time of any new opportunities.

Student forum: tips for introducing yourself

Promoting diversity and inclusion

Diversity is a source of richness, quality of working life, performance and innovation, and is encouraged at Safran. In 2020, for example, the Group recruited nearly 35% women, taking the proportion of women in its ranks to 28% (25% among engineers and managers). We are also initiating practical measures on multiculturalism, the employment of younger, older and disabled workers, and social integration initiatives to ensure all workers can find their place, develop their talents and flourish in their careers.

Displacement of the air inlet of the nacelle silvercrest using the self-balanced stem

Safran: a committed group

As a responsible industrial player, Safran places its social commitments at the heart of its strategy. The Group aims to set an example in terms of ethics and the fight against corruption, control of its environmental footprint, promotion of equality and diversity, responsible purchasing, product quality and traceability, and additional support for citizen projects. So many reasons to be proud to join us!

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