Innovation with Safran

Safran conducts a collaborative innovation policy with our suppliers

A structured approach

Safran deploys a collaborative innovation approach with our suppliers to further expand the bounds of innovation. An approach of this type allows all stakeholders to fully capitalize on this pooled expertise.

To accelerate time to market for these innovative products and services, Safran has set up a rock-solid organization, with governance adapted to the management of collaborative innovation in conjunction with our suppliers. This structured approach, led by the Innovation department, working closely with Corporate Purchasing, is designed to bolster ties with our suppliers.

By establishing a sustained partnership with our suppliers, Safran can tailor products and services to our customers' needs. In short, we are working together to build a sustainable supply chain.

Collaborative innovation is based on four key principles:

  • Identify the innovative technologies, systems and services from suppliers that offer a competitive advantage.
  • Propose intellectual property management that protects each party's contribution.
  • Set up a contractual policy coordinated by staff who are aware of all aspects of collaborative projects.
  • Work closely with Purchasing staff to reconcile the different technical and industrial interests of the supplier and Safran.

A responsible driver of collaborative innovation

Safran shares our technology goals with suppliers, involving them very early in our research projects.

Our suppliers have their own premises at the Safran Research & Technology Center, Safran Tech, in the Saclay technology cluster near Paris. This physical closeness fosters regular discussions and meetings with the other research teams at this cluster.

Reflecting this dynamic "expanded enterprise" approach, Safran is teaming up with a number of research centers, manufacturers from different industries, and innovative startups and small businesses: these entities are top-tier partners in our quest to develop real breakthrough concepts.

Building on all of these initiatives, we are strengthening our role as a responsible driver of collaborative innovation at several levels, by:

  • regularly sharing our technology goals with supplier partners;
  • studying all proposed innovations;
  • deploying the resources needed to successfully complete the collaborative projects chosen.


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