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Safran Corporate Ventures Strategic investor in innovative startups

Established in 2015, Safran Corporate Ventures is the Group’s investment subsidiary tasked with financing startups that have developed disruptive technology or business models applicable to the aviation, space and defense sectors. The creation of this structure forms part of the Group's innovation and transformation strategy.

Our expertise


Synthetic kerosene, biofuels, hydrogen, fuel cells, cryogenic fuels, recycling and recovery of aircraft parts.

Embedded components

Critical embedded electronics, embedded software, Connectivity, On-board power supply, Thermal management, Electric hybridization, cyber security.

New materials, advanced materials

Nanotechnologies, surface treatment processes, composites, ceramics, advanced manufacturing processes, low-carbon materials.

New services, new business models

Data analytics, on-demand aviation, new maintenance methods, co-creation, collaborative engineering, AI, blockchain.

Connected cabin & passenger experience

Connectivity, augmented cabin, comfort, In-Flight Entertainment, human-machine interface.

New markets, new platforms

Civilian drones, unconventional vertical take-off and landing aircraft (VTOL), new modes of transport, autonomous vehicles, automated surveillance, supersonic, quantum.

Industry 4.0

Non-Destructive Testing, Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT, robotics/cobotics, additive manufacturing, industrial cyber security.

Safran Corporate Ventures on the innovation trail

Supporting the development of innovative startups

Safran Corporate Ventures (SCV) was created to connect Safran to the ecosystem of young innovative companies in the aviation, space and defense sectors. SCV supports these companies by providing Group expertise and financial resources for their development: access to an international network of experts, commercial and industrial exposure, implementation of commercial or development agreements between the portfolio’s startups and the Group’s various entities.

An investment budget of €80m

With an investment budget of €80m, Safran Corporate Ventures bases its investment strategy on the following underlying principles: 

  • Identifying the top disruptive technologies and innovations worldwide.
  • Actively investing alongside top co-investors, financial investors, and/or other Corporate Ventures funds.
  • Providing long-term support for companies, both financially and through help and advice from Safran Group experts.
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Startups in the Safran Corporate Ventures portfolio



Established in 2008, Kalray is the European leader in new-generation microprocessors for critical onboard systems. This startup, a spin-off of CEA-List, is located in Orsay (Essonne) and Grenoble, and operates internationally. It has around 60 employees and more than 20 patents pending. Kalray has developed a new generation of microprocessors called MPPA (Massively Parallel Processor Array), whose computing power/energy consumption ratio is unequaled for components of this size - an essential asset for “more electric” aircraft. In addition to aviation applications, Kalray is also active in the car industry, particularly in the area of self-driving vehicles, and data centers.

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Electrical Power Systems

Electrical Power Systems

Electric Power Systems (EPS), an aerospace company based in Logan (Utah) in the United States, is a leader in advanced energy storage solutions. EPS makes its expertise available to a broad range of electric and hybrid airplanes such as the Nasa X57, the Bye eFlyer and the Bell Nexus. The joint investment of Safran Corporate Ventures and Boeing HorizonX Ventures will enable EPS to develop a highly-automated industrial base capable of producing aviation-grade energy storage systems on an unprecedented scale, and support technological developments that further reduce the cost of battery systems for electric airplanes.

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Repair of wiring in an aircraft with augmented reality.


Diota is France’s leading publisher of augmented-reality software solutions for industry, enabling manufacturers to boost their performance by providing an interactive link between digital data and operators in the field.
Having built on its technological innovations and business-oriented solutions, developed through a close partnership with the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), the company, established in 2009, is a key player in the digital-factory sector and a key contributor to the industrial competitiveness of France and Europe, working with major players in the following sectors in particular: aviation (Dassault Aviation, Safran, etc.), rail, naval, automotive, energy and chemicals.

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Krono Safe


Krono-Safe is a software publisher established in 2011. It develops software for real-time operating systems (RTOS) in an integrated development environment (IDE) for critical equipment in terms of dependability.

Krono-Safe markets a software technology originally developed by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in the nuclear sector to guarantee the predictability of critical real-time control applications. The company signed a transfer agreement with CEA-LIST (technology and systems integration lab) concerning this technology. Krono-Safe targets safety-critical onboard systems in strong growth markets: transport (connected and autonomous vehicles), industry and aviation.


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Prodways Group

Prodways Group

Prodways Group is a company that specializes in 3D industrial printing and has customers in many different sectors, including aviation and the dental sector. It is a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé and is listed in Compartment B of Euronext Paris. 

Through its Systems division, Prodways Group offers a range of 3D printing systems and their corresponding materials (resins and powders). Through its Products division, the company manufactures 3D-printed parts in plastic and in metal, and markets them either directly or indirectly. Prodways Group is positioned on every part of the value chain (design of machines, materials, parts) and has thereby developed an integrated model that offers its customers a “turnkey” solution that is unique in Europe and has great prospects around the world.


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Established in 2013, Cailabs is a startup in the field of photonics and the developer of light-shaping technology protected by several patents. The company is a spin-off of Kastler Brossel laboratory (Ecole Normale Supérieure joint research unit - Université Pierre et Marie Curie - CNRS) that specializes in physics and quantum optics. Cailabs designs and markets photonic products in the form of components, modules or pieces of equipment for the telecoms and industrial laser markets. The company has developed two main applications: space-division multiplexing applications for terrestrial telecoms (very-high-speed long-distance networks and short-distance multimode fiber networks) and applications for high-power industrial lasers (welding, cutting, additive manufacturing, etc.).

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Turbotech specializes in new-generation turbine engines and hybrid propulsion. Based in Brittany and Ile de France, the company was founded by four partners, all former employees of Safran, and is directed by Damien Fauve. Turbotech is developing a range of turbine engines for light aircraft, based on innovative regenerative cycle turbines. Integrating its patented heat exchanger technology, Turbotech’s products combine reliability, exceptional performance, low fuel consumption, a low acoustic signature and minimal operating costs. Funding from Safran Corporate Ventures will enable Turbotech to finalize the development of its products. Turbotech will be the first company to sell a high-performance hybrid propulsion system in the general aviation, heavy drone and on-demand air mobility markets. The electric version will give hybrid propulsion aircraft several hours of autonomy.

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