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Safran Corporate Ventures Strategic investor in innovative startups

The aim of Safran's open innovation approach is to develop and accelerate cooperation with start-ups that have developed disruptive technology or business models applicable to the aviation, space and defense sectors.

Our expertise


Synthetic kerosene, biofuels, hydrogen, fuel cells, cryogenic fuels, recycling and recovery of aircraft parts.


Services, equipment and materials for defense applications, cyber security.


Electric propulsion, on-board optics, communication & radionavigation, atomic clocks & precision references, space & spectrum surveillance, launch vehicles instrumentation & navigation, ground & critical communication solutions, telescope optics.

New services, new business models

Data analytics, on-demand aviation, new maintenance methods, co-creation, collaborative engineering, AI, blockchain.

Connected cabin & passenger experience

Connectivity, augmented cabin, comfort, In-Flight Entertainment, human-machine interface.

New materials, advanced materials

Nanotechnologies, surface treatment processes, composites, ceramics, advanced manufacturing processes, low-carbon materials.

Industry 4.0

Non-Destructive Testing, Augmented Reality, Industrial IoT, robotics/cobotics, additive manufacturing, industrial cyber security.

Rethinking open innovation between companies and start-ups

Open innovation involves bringing together a number of different players (companies, institutional bodies, research organizations, etc.) to work on collaborative innovation projects. Safran sets itself apart in its approach to open innovation, notably through:

  • Safran Explore: a unit dedicated to open innovation and focused on partnerships with high-growth-potential start-ups.
  • targeting start-ups: Safran is looking for agile and innovative partners that have been in business for less than 10 years (15 years for “industrial” companies).
  • strategic investments: with Safran Corporate Ventures, Safran sometimes goes beyond collaboration by investing in key start-ups, thus strengthening its involvement in the entrepreneurial network.
  • long-lasting relationships: Safran believes in win-win relationships that are based on trust, respect and the creation of value for all stakeholders.

Supporting the development of innovative startups

At Safran Corporate Ventures, our goal is to create strong bonds between Safran and the growing ecosystem of young innovative companies in the aerospace and defense sectors. We support their development with:

  • expertise and funding: we provide start-ups with Safran’s cutting-edge expertise, as well as financial resources to favor their growth.
  • an international network: we give them access to a vast international network of experts, thereby enhancing their commercial and industrial visibility.
  • strategic partnerships: we facilitate the development of commercial and development partnerships between the start-ups in our portfolio and the Group’s various entities.

Our team works closely with Safran’s technical and commercial experts, thereby benefiting from in-depth expertise in business analysis. This allows us to guarantee mutual value creation between start-ups and Safran, thus ensuring their long-term growth and success.

An investment budget of 130 million euros

With an investment budget of 130 million euros, Safran Corporate Ventures’ investment strategy is defined according to the following fundamental principles:

  • The Identification of disruptive technologies and innovations on a global scale.
  • The creation of active partnerships with renowned co-investors, financial investors and/or other Corporate Ventures funds.
  • The long-term assistance to companies, not only on a financial level, but also by providing support and advice from Safran’s experts.
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Safran Corporate Ventures targets companies that develop transformative technology, innovative production methods and new economic models. We work hand-in-hand with companies at every stage of their development, through partnerships with committed founders that are capable of driving projects to growth and market. From prototyping to commercial success, no opportunity is left unturned. If your company falls within our areas of investment, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Startups in the Safran Corporate Ventures portfolio



Vyoma develops space debris monitoring solutions in order to enhance the safety and efficiency of space-based operations.

More information

BlackShark AI

BlackShark AI creates a photorealistic 3D digital twin of Earth using AI, allowing to analyze satellite images and generate synthetic environments for various applications, such as flight simulation and urban planning.

More information


Numalis provides tools that help make artificial intelligence (AI) reliable and explainable, helping companies to integrate, improve, and validate AI in their processes using an approach focused on robustness and model comprehension.

More information


Avnos develops advanced technology for the direct air capture of CO2. Their Hybrid Direct Air Capture (HDAC™) solution is designed to efficiently capture CO2 without consuming heat and at minimal costs, and is even suitable for water-scarce environments.

More Information


GreenerWave develops electromagnetic wave control technology thanks to smart materials and advanced algorithms, and aims to improve connectivity and reduce energy consumption in several applications, such as SATCOM, 5G-6G, and 4D​radar.

More information


Founded in 2013, Cailabs is an innovative company specialized in photonics. As a Kastler Brossel laboratory spinoff, it designs and markets photonic products for telecommunications and industrial lasers.

More information

Cranfield Aerospace

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) is a leader in the design of electric and hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft.

More Information
Electrical Power Systems

Electrical Power Systems

Electrical Power Systems (EPS) is a leader in lithium-ion energy storage solutions for aviation, and works on automating the production of storage systems to reduce battery costs.

More information


Ineratec develops modular units to produce carbon-neutral fuels, such as e-kerosene, e-methane and e-diesel, by using green hydrogen and CO2 that is captured or derived from biomass.

More information


Kalray, a CEA-List spinoff, is the European pioneer of new-generation microprocessors. Located in Orsay and Grenoble, the company manufactures energy-efficient processors, mainly for the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as for data centers.

More information
Krono Safe


Krono-Safe is a software publisher established in 2011. It develops software for real-time operating systems (RTOS) in an integrated development environment (IDE) for critical equipment in terms of dependability.

Krono-Safe markets a software technology originally developed by the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in the nuclear sector to guarantee the predictability of critical real-time control applications. The company signed a transfer agreement with CEA-LIST (technology and systems integration lab) concerning this technology. Krono-Safe targets safety-critical onboard systems in strong growth markets: transport (connected and autonomous vehicles), industry and aviation.


More information
Prodways Group

Prodways Group

Prodways Group is a subsidiary of the Gorgé Group, and is specialized in industrial 3D printing, offering comprehensive solutions, from the design to the production of metal and plastic parts. 


More information
atelier sintermat


Sintermat uses flash sintering to create complex parts from powders of various materials. This technique produces high-density components for the aeronautics, luxury goods and other industries.

More information


Turbotech offers innovative turbine engines and hybrid propulsion solutions for light aviation and UAVs. Located in France, it develops cutting-edge technologies to improve performance and reduce operating costs.

More information


Outsight is revolutionizing the way intelligent machines are perceived thanks to its semantic 3D camera, which is capable of identifying materials at a distance and processing 3D data in real time. This technology enhances environmental interaction at unrivaled cost and efficiency.


Specialized in “Air-to-Ground” aviation solutions and with a widespread presence across Europe, SkyFive enables high-speed communications for air passengers and ensures secure, efficient data transmission.

Start-ups who have exited Safran’s portfolio

Backed by Safran Corporate Ventures, OXIS Energy is specialized in energy-dense lithium-sulfur batteries, aiming to transform the automotive, aviation and defense industries through automated production and improved performance.

Backed by Safran, ADP, and BPI France, Safety Line uses artificial intelligence to enhance the safety and efficiency of flight operations, offering risk management and CO2 emission reduction solutions.

Tronics focuses on the design and manufacture of nano and microsystems, such as MEMS, for aerospace, defense and medical applications, which in turn plays a key role in stabilization and navigation technologies.

Diota develops augmented reality solutions for the industry, allowing companies to improve their performance by integrating digital data in operational environments, particularly in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Safran at the forefront of innovation and deep tech

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