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CAD Architect

Société : Safran Seats Domaine d'activité : Electrique, Mécatronique Emplacement : Gainesville , Texas , États-Unis Type de contrat : CDI Durée du contrat : Temps complet Diplôme requis : BAC+3, BAC+4 Expérience requise : Supérieure à 3 ans Fourchette de rémunération : $79,093 per year to $99,093 per year.

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CAD Architect (Safran Seats USA, LLC – Gainesville, TX)

Job Duties:
The duties of the CAD Architect include: Create, analyze and approve all the technical data such as integration of digital models, manufacturing prototype drawings and interface documents necessary for the approval of product maturity such as, but not limited to, seats, shells, furniture. Participate in the establishment of the PBS (Product Breakdown Structure) of seats, shells, furniture, etc. Create and maintain the Digital Geometric Reference Model (MRG - DMU Digital Mockup): Create the allocated volumes to be integrated into the 3D digital model corresponding to the functional requirements defined in the specifications. Create and update the 3D digital model in line with product maturity including Space allocation (MAE) and ICD (Interface Control Document) such as but not limited to the interfaces, dimensions, weight, center of gravity. Ensure the integration, consistency and availability of CAD models of complete products such as, but not limited to, seats, shells, furniture, or sub-assemblies at each program milestone. Write the proximity, interference, interface, weight balance and CDG integration reports for the seats digital model. Prepare 3D and 2D digital and physical model reviews in compliance with architecture procedure and/or engineering procedure. Participate in the development of the functional mechanical specifications for complete products such as, but not limited to, seats, shells, furniture, or sub-assemblies using design tools including updating the architecture drawings, updating the functional cross section drawings integrating the gap and flush, and performing BOM in the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) according to the applicable procedures and formats. Participate in the technical justification of the product maturity as well as the description of its performance including producing the tolerance stack-up corresponding to the assembly of the sub-assemblies in order to guarantee the clearance and the functions, providing the justification elements required at product level such as but not limited to functional analysis, calculations, technical justification, participating in product FMEA, providing the required technical data, participating on the risk mitigation identified by the FMEA, and ensuring that the required ergonomic constraints are respected. On a broad level, the CAD Architect coordinates and/or performs mechanical engineering duties in the design of new economic seats or re-design of existing product line economic seats and seat components such as tray-tables, cushions, base structure, armrest, leg-rest, headrest, seat legs, base structure, etc., based on marketing requirements and the new tendencies on seat components in the market.

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The CAD Architect guides product line architects with review of seat engineering specifications from vendors, customers and/or OEM's, to generate and/or revise seat product line specifications, standardization of parts, review drawing packages to assure conformance to design standards, and he/she performs 3D model ergonomic studies and creates renderings drawing on his/her knowledge of CAD Catia V5. (CAD (computer-aided design) is the use of computers to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of an engineering design.) He/she coordinates changes with other internal departments, vendors, customers, and coordinates data transfer. The CAD Architect guides the engineering team and designers who are in charge of defining final seat Design.

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The position requires a bachelor's degree (or foreign equivalent) in Engineering, Aeronautical, Aerospace, Mechanical, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Manufacturing, Industrial, Electrical, or Systems Engineering, or a related technical field and 2 (two) years of experience in the job offered or in a CAD architecture role in the commercial aviation industry. Stated experience must include: explaining and defending architectural proposals in engineering meetings; building architecture drawings based on requirements; analyzing and proposing suggestions for product design; leading multiple projects in multi-disciplinary contexts including electrical, mechanical and system engineering, Catia V5 (Kinematics, DMU), PLM (BOMs and Configuration Management) and SMARTEAM.

Compensation includes a base salary of $79,093 per year to $99,093 per year. The salary rate may vary within the anticipated range based on factors such as selected candidate's experience.

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