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R&D Internship H/M

Société : Safran Trusted 4D Domaine d'activité : Logiciel Emplacement : Granada , Espagne Type de contrat : Stage Durée du contrat : Temps partiel Diplôme requis : BAC+3, BAC+4 Expérience requise : Jeune diplômé-e/Première expérience Statut professionnel : Etudiant

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Embedded Software Engineer -Trainee- (R&D) Granada, Spain

We're looking for a Firmware Engineer (trainee) to join our R&D team in Granada, Spain.

Our Technology:

We're the world leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (R-PNT) solutions that improve the reliability, performance and safety of critical applications, and high-risk operations, even in GPS/GNSS denied environments. We provide virtually fail-safe GNSS and PNT solutions for military and commercial applications worldwide.

To this end, we have developed industry-leading solutions that are built around a sound foundation of ultra-accurate synchronization (sub-ns) and frequency distribution services. These combine to deliver a broad set of products and technical solutions based on the enhanced White Rabbit PTP synchronization technology for myriad applications, ranging from timing distribution in financial networks to robust and reliable positioning.
In addition, Safran has great expertise in Time Sensitive Networking through several engagements carried out in the framework of aerospace with ESA to provide deterministic communications with zero-packet loss. Overall, we are a highly dynamic company with a clear focus on research and innovation for providing reliable solutions that have robust, dependable, and reliable timing at their core.

The Position:

As a Senior Embedded Software Engineer, you will start working on a highly motivating engagement with the R&D Engineering Team in Granada, Spain, where you will be expected to develop the main elements of a synchronization system that extends White Rabbit timing over a free space communication interface. Thus, you will assist in the design, integration, and validation of the main software and embedded firmware elements of a prototype for wireless White Rabbit timing. This could include the design of custom Linux kernel modules and drivers, specialized Linux images, user-level applications, software libraries, or even test automation procedures. Moreover, you will implement the necessary extensions to our synchronization protocol to use the new wireless interface, and debug and diagnose any issues arising during the design of these extensions. The assembly of experimental demonstrators and travel to showcase proofs of concept might be required during the final stages of the project.

What you'll be doing:

· You will have the responsibility for understanding the requirements and assisting in the development of a project that includes highly innovative elements.

· In collaboration with the Testing and Quality teams, you will ensure that your developments are produced according to specification.

· You will use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure the highest quality for the results in accordance with the allotted schedule, effort, and budget.

· You will work with the latest and greatest in Resilient PNT and deterministic technologies!

· You will have effective communication

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