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Embedded Software Engineer (R&D) F/H

Société : Safran Trusted 4D Domaine d'activité : Architecture et Ingénierie des Systèmes Emplacement : Granada , Espagne Type de contrat : CDI Durée du contrat : Temps complet Diplôme requis : BAC+5 Expérience requise : Supérieure à 3 ans Langue(s) parlée(s) : Anglais Courant Espagnol Courant

Parlons de votre future mission

As an Embedded Software Engineer, you will start working on a highly motivating engagement with the R&D Engineering Team in Granada, Spain, where you will be expected to develop the main elements of a synchronization system that extends White Rabbit timing over a free space communication interface. Thus, you will assist in the design, integration, and validation of the main software and embedded firmware elements of a prototype for wireless White Rabbit timing. This could include the design of custom Linux kernel modules and drivers, specialized Linux images, user-level applications, software libraries, or even test automation procedures. Moreover, you will implement the necessary extensions to our synchronization protocol to use the new wireless interface, and debug and diagnose any issues arising during the design of these extensions. The assembly of experimental demonstrators and travel to showcase proofs of concept might be required during the final stages of the project.

Et en complément ?

You will carry out development tasks according to project plan.
You will provide estimates of workload required to complete specified tasks and plans work accordingly.
You will contribute to the development and the validation of components.
You will check the quality of the deliverables through systematic unit testing
You will participate in final qualification of deliverables, including the validation of documentation

Parlons de vous

Master's Degree in Telecommunications, Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related field.
Good written and communication skills in English.
Technical skills in general software development, embedded Linux, software engineering, and Linux kernel driver development and debugging.
Ambition to grow and develop personally and professionally. Passion for challenges and technology. Ability to participate in ambitious projects with major international technology leaders.
Minimum requirement of 1-2 years' experience in:
Embedded Linux generation tools and build systems (e.g., Buildroot, Petalinux, …).
Embedded software development and debugging for embedded Linux and standalone (e.g., microcontrollers, baremetal for Xilinx devices).
... Working command of debugging tools, such as GDB, DDD, or Valgrind, is expected.
Automation and scripting skills (e.g., bash, TCL, …).
Knowledge of the main programming languages for embedded and agile prototyping, including C, C++, Python, …
Experience with repositories and version control (Git, SVN, …).

Quelques précisions

You will be developing the software elements of our current embedded Timing products and the next generation Safran´s incoming products. This will include, but is not limited to, writing custom kernel modules and extensions to our synchronization protocols.
You will be expected to validate the software components that you implement, ensure their operation in embedded Linux, and debug complex issues arising from the integration of multiple SW and FPGA elements on an embedded system.
In collaboration with the Testing and Quality teams, you will ensure that your developments are produced according to specification.
You will use your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure the highest quality for the results in accordance with the allotted schedule, effort, and budget.
You will work with the latest and greatest in Resilient PNT and deterministic technologies!

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