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Special Process Engineer

Société : Safran Aircraft Engines Domaine d'activité : Ingénierie Industrielle Emplacement : Jiangsu , Jiangsu , Chine Type de contrat : CDD Durée du contrat : Temps complet Diplôme requis : BAC+3, BAC+4 Expérience requise : Supérieure à 3 ans

Parlons de votre future mission

1. Setup manufacturing process according to customer requirement, including define operation / inspection method, programming, build consumable and tool list; assess test risk, implement process test, verify the test result, make test report and define the standard operation time.
2. Create and distribute process related documents, including process management specification, manufacturing instruction (MI), operation training material, etc.
3. Manage the manufacturing instruction and program, including record any change to keep the traceability, archive the current and historical versions, and make sure the access is available for related user.
4. Train operator according to the training matrix and qualification plan, and evaluate the operator's technique skill to obtain operation qualification.
5. Launch quotation of purchase request for new tools, and perform new tools acceptance and validation test with support of tooling engineer and operator.
6. Create item number and update the item consumption rate and other information (supplier, specification, applicable product, etc.), and define the safety stock with support of material planner. Support on abnormal consumable consumption investigation and inactive stock treatment.
7. Monitor process capability and variation with SPC; lead and identify the process failure risk with PFMEA, and regularly update the PFMEA form.
Guarantee the compliance of process toward to customer specification and applicable international standard, support OSAC, AS9100, Nadcap and other
external and internal audit, and work on corrective and preventive action of NCR detected during the audit.
8. Support quality department on NQE event treatment, including take containment action with other department, define and take related corrective and preventive action.
9. Respond production request comes from QRQC, ANDON system, email or other way to solve the issue related to process in order to recover production and quality level as soon as possible, for example tool abnormal, program alarm, consumable abnormal, part NC, etc., and leading process deviation or part NC investigation, analysis and correction activity with RPO or 8D method when necessary.
10. Lead or participate related project (industrialization, CI, investment, etc.) defined by manager or organization.
1. Have regular or specific exchange meeting with Headquarter Process department or cooperate SAE sites for best practice sharing, problem solving and continuous improvement discussion.
2. Provide training or technique support for other Safran company.
3. Audit supplier as plan, and / or work with supplier to improve the quality and cost of their product.

Et en complément ?

1. Responsible to deburring(both manual and robot), balancing, polishing, grinding and related special process.
2. The main target process could be adjusted within above scope by process manager according to real needs of production activity.

Parlons de vous

Bachelor or above degree, and major in engineering related field.
Working Experience:
2-3 years or above experience in related engineering field.
1. Professional knowledge and experience in theory and practical aspects related to metal and surface treatment process.
2. Basic knowledge of AS9100 QMS and could be a plus if familiar with Nadcap audit.
3. Basic skill of mechanical drawing and tooling design
4. Logical thinking and skilled on problem solving tool such as RPO, 8D, 5Why and fishbone.
5. Familiar with PFEMA and SPC application
6. Skilled on Office Software (Excel, Word, PPT).
7. Have a good work autonomy, quality awareness, teamwork awareness and learning skill, has project management awareness and experience.

Localisez votre futur site

70 Qiming Road, Export Processing Zone B, Suzhou Industrial Park 215126


Jiangsu Chine

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