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Quality Representative in Tianjin

Safran Qualité Beijing/ 北京 , Chine CDD Temps complet BAC+2 Supérieure à 3 ans Chinois Courant Anglais Courant

Parlons de votre future mission

Auditing :
Conduct the following audits as per internal procedures, provide reports and animate the corrective action plan onto discrepancies found :
-monthly workshop review (according to 003267)
-weekly jobcard review (adherence to 002627 rules)
-anti-FOD (Foreign Object Debris), per 00268
-internal audit on Central Quality specific demand onto a given QMS process (according to 003271)
-preparation and attendance to external audits (Airbus, Airworthiness Authorities)
Authorisations :
Ensure full adherence to the related procedure (003088) :
-Respond to production requests to authorise new operators by providing Quality mandatory trainings, temporary stamp under supervision of a production mentor, final audit, final stamp
-Guarantee a « zero late » authorisations by conducting regular renewal audits to maintain the operators authorisations, and verifying the visual checks are performed in a timely manner
-Several types of operators authorisations will have to be followed-up such as (but not limited to) Integrated Control, Inspection, Delegation of Control, Special Process for paint touch-ups or composite repair, Non Destructive Testing, Special delegation from engine manufacturer,…
Non Quality containment :
-Ensure the containment of non-qualities upon request whatever the originator (Tianjin, another SNA site, external suppliers) to protect our Customer from uncontrolled non-conformities
-Issue an inscape form whenever a non-conformity is discovered in SNA Tianjin and is the responsibility of another SNA production site
Non Quality eradication :
-Investigate onto the shopfloor whenever a non-conformity is originated by SNA Tianjin to eradicate the issue, by using Quality standard tools (8D, 5Why, Ishikawa, Root Cause Analysis, Human Factors enquiry,…) and being « based on facts »
-Communicate to QA's of the other integration sites (Toulouse (France), Mobile (USA), Hamburg (Germany)) to ensure a « read-across » process
-Participate to daily production meetings such as Quality Response Quality Control (QRQC), and support the « Q » of the daily performance monitoring through SQCDP (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delays, Personnel)
-Aim at eradicate and downsize the Non-Quality Costs
Quality Supply Chain relay :
-Be the relay from the Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) based in Toulouse, as purchased parts or parts provided by MRAS (SNA partner) will be sent directly to SNA Tianjin
-Main actions will be performed by inspection (non-conformity characterization, suppliers non-conformance containment, parts in quarantine management), but a check is needed to ensure the processes are under control
Reporting to Program Quality Manager :
- Provide the SNA Program Quality Manager (PQM) with the information he requests so that he can communicate to Airbus whenever a Quality issue is affecting our Customer (escape, findings in FAL or during the in-site SNA Buy-Off with Airbus representative or Airline representative,…)

Et en complément ?

-Be Customer-focused by aiming at satisfying him, but ensure SNA protection from non « reasonable » demands. These specific demands need to be adressed, for decision making, to the PQM who is the only SNA official communication focal point to Airbus on Quality issues
Quality Management System (QMS) adherence :
- Guarantee the SNA Quality policy respect and the Quality basics application, along with adherence to the QMS
- Alert the Quality and Production management in case of potential risk to airworthiness
- Spread Quality culture to the Operations, by having a good and regular communication to the production team to ensure the knowledge and understanding of the rules, so that processes are respected
- Propose improvements to the QMS
HSE / LEAN / Continuous Improvement / Reporting / Communication :
-Respect applicable HSE rules and alert in case a potential risk to safety is detected
-Propose improvements / innovations to ameliorate Quality performance, processes, safety
-Provide KPI's upon QA integration team request
-Propose Quality achievable but challenging targets, in coordination with production management, and compatible with integration site

Parlons de vous

At least with a technician degree, you can justify to have a significant experience in Quality Assurance in aeronautics.

You are naturally proposing improvements, you apply processes with rigor, you are autonomous and pragmatic.

You are also recognised for your synthesis capability, based on facts, you can animate workshops with your colleagues, you know how to communicate within a team, and you respect your commitments.

You know how to regularly report to several internal Customers and meet their expectations.

You will be able to work with processes where the Customer is frequently present and demanding, in a context of a high rate of production.

You know to use Quality tools such as Problem solving and audits, along with continuous improvement tools. You are capable to propose solutions and not only report issues.

You know SAP environment, and ideally you know transactions linked to Quality into this ERP.

Fluent English is mandatory, basic knowledge in French would be a plus.

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