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Director, Global Trade and Compliance and Corporate Secretary

Société : Safran Landing Systems Domaine d'activité : Conformité, Risques et éthique des affaires Emplacement : Ontario , Ontario , Canada Type de contrat : CDI Durée du contrat : Temps complet Diplôme requis : BAC+3, BAC+4 Expérience requise : Supérieure à 5 ans Statut professionnel : Ouvrier

Parlons de votre future mission

Reporting to the President of Safran Landing Systems Canada Inc. (SafranLS TOR), indirectly to Safran Landing Systems Compliance and Regulations Vice President, and to the Trade Compliance Officer, the role manages and leads all SafranLS TOR activities related to export controls, import/customs controls and trade compliance. The role leads and manages a team of import and export specialists and oversees, develops, implements and executes policies, procedures and practices related to national, international and corporate trade compliance laws, regulations and acts. The position includes the roles of Designated Official (DO) under Canada's Controlled Goods Program, Export Control Officer (ECO) and Trade Compliance Correspondent (TCC). This position and its subordinate(s) (particularly the Risk Representative) are responsible for the Site's Risk Management program and associated tasks

As the senior regulatory advisor, the position works closely with site personnel, Corporate Legal Counsel, outside Legal Counsel, the Corporate Export Compliance Department, and the local Senior Leadership Team. It oversees the development, implementation and deployment of policies, procedures and practices related to
• Ensure exports of goods and technology (technical data) are compliant with the Canadian Export and Import Permits act, the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), the US Export Administration Regulations (EAR), the Canadian Economic Measures act (sanctions) and other applicable international laws, regulations and acts.
• Manage and support the import of products and components in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Canadian Border Services Agency and the US Customs and Border Protection Agency.
• Maintain and update registrations with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program, C-TPAT, PIP, and Air Cargo Security and be the point of contact for all audit related matters.
• Draft, update, and submit license applications and meet mandatory reporting requirements. Determine the appropriate use of license exemptions and exceptions, where applicable.
• Accountable for recordkeeping of all import and export related documents to ensure compliance with regulatory and company standards.
• Responsible that imports and exports take place in accordance with approved licenses and other forms of export and import approvals
• Manage anti-bribery, corruption and other trade compliance related activities, review and approve business partners, and ensure company adherence to gift, hospitality, and sponsorship activities.
• Work with other departments and functions to ensure the development and management of a comprehensive export and import network to ensure compliance with all applicable international regulations in support of the business (i.e., Programs, Purchasing, Engineering, Commercial, IT, etc.).

Et en complément ?

• Responsible for the final determination of export classification of products, associated technical data, as per Canada's Export Control List, US Commerce Control List, & US Munitions list.
• Support operational processes to ensure that compliance requirements are taken into account.
• Monitor and audit compliance activity within departments to ensure policy adherence.
• Lead investigations into potential or actual violations and implement actions for resolution of export and import compliance problems, questions, or complaints.
• Provide guidance and support to the company regarding transportation, insurance, storage, customs agents, brokers, Incoterms, etc.
• Identify areas of improvement to implement change in alignment with compliance guidelines and meet company cost saving initiatives.
• Liaise with the Controlled Goods Directorate, customers, suppliers, US State Department, corporate legal counsel and outside legal counsel to ensure compliance.
• Responsible for administrative duties and internal customer service, such as travel and IT system access approvals, and other documentary approvals required for import and exports.
• Ensure that access to controlled goods and controlled technical data is limited to “authorized persons” only. This includes physical access to controlled goods, as well as IT access to controlled technical data.
• Manage and maintain a tracking mechanism for controlled technical data and administer the company's secure transfer tool

Parlons de vous

• Ensure that compliance personnel are trained, developed, and coached.
• Actively participate in the Safran Landing Systems and Safran USA network of Import / Export Control Officers.
• Manage the department budget.
• Deliver import and export compliance related training (general awareness, in-depth, and department specific training) for employees.
• In accordance with the stipulations of a Technical Assistance Agreement and/or Manufacturing License Agreement, manage the company's sub-licensees to ensure eligibility to receive ITAR defense articles.
• Adopt a “go-to” role for other departments to help resolve compliance issues.
• Oversee the execution of policies and procedures to security clear employees in accordance with the Canadian Goods Regulations. This includes overseeing background and criminal record checks.
• Corporate Secretary: The Corporate Secretary of SafranLS TOR is an Officer of the Company and responsible for all activities related to this function, such as, but not limited to: Preparation and distribution of Board of Directors resolutions, organize and prepare all documentation for the annual board meeting, ensure all delegation of authorities are up to date, file all board resolutions and other legal paperwork in due time, etc.
Skills & Core Competencies: Rigorous attention to details and strongly displays Proactive Safran Integrity Program (PSIP behaviour). Ability to maintain a calm composure and remain level headed during times of extreme stress (e.g. a crisis). Ability to develop strong working relationships quickly acting as a team player. Strong organizational, planning, project management, strategic influencing, Microsoft office and communication skills.

Education &/or Certifications: University degree in business, law, or other related field preferred. A college degree in a trade compliance related field combined with applicable work experience will also be considered
Work Experience: A minimum of 5 years of export, import, trade compliance related work experience, preferably in the Aerospace or similar industry. Military program experience a plus. Previous experience as a Designated Official under the Controlled Goods Program, and/or a role in a multi-national company as an Export Control Officer, is preferred

Specialized Knowledge: In-depth knowledge of the Canadian Defense Production Act, the Canadian Controlled Goods Regulations, the United States EAR and ITAR is essential to the position

Communication Skills
Internal: Ability to communicate effectively with and to report to senior and executive management
External: Government agencies etc

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