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Quality Inspector Podding F/M/D

Société : Safran Nacelles Domaine d'activité : Fabrication / Montage / Réparation Emplacement : Hambourg , Allemagne Type de contrat : CDI Durée du contrat : Temps complet Diplôme requis : Aucun diplôme Expérience requise : Jeune diplômé-e/Première expérience Statut professionnel : Technicien Langue(s) parlée(s) : Allemand Bilingue Anglais Courant

Parlons de votre future mission

Guarantee the application of the Quality rules in the respect of the satisfaction of the customers, the deadlines of production, the budgets.
Check the conformity of the parts by carrying out various controls (administrative, dimensional, visual and aspect, ...) from quality, technical instructions and / or using measuring instruments.
Ensure the consistency of the configuration produced with the command.
Process anomaly notices and declare non-conformances in real time, provide retouching ranges or retrievals if necessary, validate the restoration of equipment compliance.
He is responsible for the good registration of the following cards and the conformity of the final product, to put in stock (including its documentation )
Present the final product to customers

Et en complément ?

Check the parts.
Ensure compliance with the rules and instructions in the application of the Quality Management System.
Make sure that the product quality requirements are met.
Declare the non-conformities of the product, apply the defined recoveries and clear the recoveries after verification of the correct implementation.
Fill in the PVI components that come with it and verify that these files are in the required status at the time of placing in stock.
Check the conformity of the physical marking and production traceability documents (follow-up sheet, sampling list, mounted elements, state of derogations, etc.).
Ensures the good preservation of the finished product.
Archive production documentation.
Write delivery documents and declarations of conformity.
Participate in the process of eradicating the non-quality of the sector concerned.
Participate in the process of continuous progress in its activity (product and process).

Parlons de vous

• Knowledge of the regulations (interior, safety, schedules)
• Aeronautical general knowledge.
• Knowledge of anomaly processing and characterization of nonconformities.
• Knowledge of applicable quality rules.
• Reading plans and specifications.
• Knowledge of document architecture.
• Understanding of technical documents (job instruction sheets, ranges, retouching instructions, etc.).
• Knowledge of metrology
• Knowledge of products with limited life.
• Knowledge of marking rules.
• Knowledge of the main tools of quality.
• Knowledge of the basics of statistics (control chart, capability).
• Knowledge of surrounding trades.
• Knowledge of Health, Safety and Environment policy and instructions.
• Knowledge of computer tools (Pack Office, Acrobat reader, SPC vision, ...), and
SAP modules required for their activity.

Expertise :
• Get acquainted with the work plan and daily goals through flash 5.
• Report your activity in SAP.
• Measure toleranced dimensions with the right measuring instruments.
• Perform visual checks according to the associated cosmetic specifications.
• Complete a PVI for the components that fall to him.
• Identify possible defects and accurately describe nonconformities (characterize, locate, quantify, detect the causes and submit to technical treatment), close the anomalies.
• Issue a production permit.
• Issue and pay a recovery.
• Isolate an anomalous room and then manage the jail and scrap.
• Perform a vendor return.
• Follow pre-releases
• Carry out a final control of the production order.
• Establish and validate delivery documentation.
• Make a declaration of conformity.
• Fill in the follow-up documents (follow-up sheets, Individual control booklet ...)
• Ensure the traceability of the controls carried out.
• Respect conditions of health, safety, and environment.
• Perform first level maintenance and ensure proper operation of the equipment.
• Manage tooling in periodic control
• Store and clean tools and workstation.

Behavior and skills:
• Ability to visual control.
• Being autonomous in the respect of the operating modes
• Team working
• Ability to exchange with support services (M.R.B., Methods, Production Management and Quality)
• Communicate professionally
• To pay attention
• To be rigorous
• Evaluate the scope of its action
• Wear personal protective equipment.
• To use a computer

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