Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Gets New Biometric Jail Release System (english only)

Alexandria, Va., August 20, 2013

MorphoTrak, Inc., the US subsidiary of Morpho (Safran), the leading biometric identity management company, has partnered with Identity One to deliver BIOGUARD, a system that identifies inmates through their fingerprints. The BIOGUARD system from Identity One is specifically designed for the demanding needs and exact requirements of the Correctional Center environment. With the added element of fingerprint matching, jail inmates will no longer be able to switch identities.

With BIOGUARD, the offender intake procedure includes capturing two of the individual's fingerprints (usually the index fingers) on an optical fingerprint capture device from MorphoTrak and entering them into a database. Later, when the individual is released, the fingerprints are again checked. The fingerprint reader scans the finger, and within less than one second, the system determines if the person is who he says he is. If the prints match, the system displays a photograph of the inmate for a visual confirmation of identity.

Maricopa County, Arizona is the first county-wide network to benefit from BIOGUARD with fingerprint biometrics. After a career criminal escaped by convincing another inmate who was being released to hand over his identity, Maricopa County detention officials realized they needed a more secure identification system than wristband-only in their jails.

"This is a simple system, but the benefit for the County is very high and they now have a biometric jail identity management platform that can be easily expanded," says David Smith, president and CEO of Identity One.

"We are very pleased to have this new system," says Maricopa Deputy Chief Shelly Bunn. "Our citizens and our community are now safeguarded from inmate identity fraud".

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MorphoTrak, Inc., a subsidiary of Safran USA, provides biometric and identity management solutions to a broad array of markets in the U.S. including law enforcement, border control, driver licenses, civil identification, and facility/IT security. Reporting to Morpho, Safran's security division, MorphoTrak is part of the world's largest biometric company. Morpho is a leading innovator in large fingerprint identification systems, facial and iris recognition, as well as rapid DNA identification and secure credentials. With over 36 years' experience, Morpho has captured more than 3 billion fingerprints and Morpho products are used by more than 450 government agencies in over 100 countries. MorphoTrak is headquartered near Washington D.C., with major corporate facilities in Anaheim, CA and Federal Way, WA.

Identity One Corporation, a U.S. subsidiary of the Identity One Group, specializes in biometric middleware and off-the shelf biometric software products. Identity One has over 12 years finger biometric, iris biometric and face biometric integration and use experience. Identity One is the market leader for provision of accelerated custom biometric integration for: cloud based biometrics, biometric based health club check-in, access control biometric integration middleware, time and attendance biometric integration middleware, compliance biometric middleware integration and jail and prison biometric identity management solutions. Identity One is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and has ancillary sales and engineering facilities in Brisbane, Australia.

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