Oklahoma Rolls Out New Driver License and Upgraded Issuance System by MorphoTrust USA (English only)

September 6, 2012, Oklahoma City, OK

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety today is launching a newly designed driver license and driver license issuance system supplied by MorphoTrust USA, which provides driver license issuance solutions for 41 states and the District of Columbia.

"The new license meets rigorous security requirements and will not only upgrade our system but enhance customer service as well," said Michael C. Thompson, Commissioner for the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

MorphoTrust CEO Bob Eckel said the process of upgrading the systems and rolling out the new license design is proceeding as planned. "We're pleased to continue our strong partnership with Oklahoma's Department of Public Safety," Eckel said. "The changes will help achieve the goal of ‘one person, one identity,' to address the problem of multiple identity fraud.

"In addition, we plan to assist the state in its outreach efforts to law enforcement, so that officials will know about the changes to the card's layout and easily recognize key elements so that they can more easily spot fake IDs."

The state's veterans will benefit from the new license, as starting in November they will have the option of including a veteran's insignia on their card, making it easy to spot Oklahoma drivers who have served their country.

Oklahoma will begin pilot testing the new license and planned upgrades in Edmond, OK. Deployment throughout the state is scheduled to start approximately two weeks later.

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