Kentucky Improves Customer Service and Driver License Security with MorphoTrust ID Technology (English only)

August 2, 2012, Frankfort, KY

Kentucky introduced its new driver licenses in a pilot program today in McLean County, promising greater security, better privacy and improved customer service. MorphoTrust USA, which provides driver license issuance solutions for 41 states and the District of Columbia, is implementing the new workstations and camera systems, including new security features in the driver license.

"The new licenses are the manifestation of Kentucky's efforts to improve the level of service provided to our customers, in addition to securing a credential Kentuckians use each day," Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) Department of Vehicle Regulation Commissioner Tom Zawacki said.

Security features are linked to each other on the card so that counterfeiters must compromise not one, but multiple technologies. This linked-and-layered approach means cards can be self-authenticating, with no need for cumbersome online lookups that require accessing personal information. The whole approach respects privacy while adding security.

All of the licenses' new features help protect against counterfeiting and simulation, alteration, photo substitution and other tampering. The changes also provide a longer-lasting, more durable card as well as enabling more reliable authentication at points of inspection. New security features include:

  • A 10-year life, ExianEvident tamper-resistant/evident card structure with bank-note level Guilloche (fine-line printing), which creates a unique card tied to the applicant.
  • IDMarc™ Digital Watermark, which is a technology that is imperceptible to human eyes but easily read and verified by a range of devices, even special applications on mobile phones.
  • A hologram with a single color, ultraviolet and ghost image, which prevents fraudulent creation of cards.
  • Dual-side lamination, which is a tamper-evident feature that provides Kentuckians with increased durability and readability of the driver license and ID cards.

Kentucky is also installing new computers, cameras, workstations, printers and disaster recovery and production services to speed processing and reduce potential down time. Starting in September, new licenses will feature veteran and organ donor designations.

Pilot installations will continue in Bourbon County on August 9, Anderson County on August 14, Woodford County on August 16, Jefferson County Dixie Highway and Warren County on August 21, and Pulaski County and McCracken County on August 23. The pilots will be followed by a four-office-per-day installation expected to conclude in early October.

"Kentucky is among a growing number of states looking to improve customer service while increasing the security of the driver license and issuance process," said Bob Eckel, MorphoTrust CEO. "We are pleased to support the state as they implement advanced technologies to ensure ‘one person, one identity' to reduce multiple identity fraud."


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