Safran Aircraft Engines Suzhou - Process Engineer EDM in Suzhou


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Fabrication / Montage / Réparation
Suzhou/苏州, Jiangsu, CHINE
CDI, Temps complet
BAC+3, BAC+4
Supérieure à 3 ans
Chinois Bilingue, Anglais Courant

Description de la mission

1. Setup manufacturing process according to customer requirement, including define operation / inspection method, programming, build consumable and tool list; assess test risk, implement process test, verify the test result, and make test report accordantly.
2. Create and distribute process related documents, including process management specification, manufacturing instruction (MI), operation training material, etc.
3. Manage the manufacturing instruction and program, including record any change to keep the traceability, archive the current and historical versions, and make sure the access is available for related user.
4. Perform new tools acceptance and validation test with support of tooling engineer and operator.
5. Monitor process capability and variation with SPC; lead and identify the process failure risk with PFMEA, and regularly update the PFMEA form.
6. Lead related project defined by manager or organization.
1. Guarantee the compliance of process toward to customer specification and applicable international standard, support OSAC, AS9100, Nadcap and other external and internal audit, and work on corrective and preventive action of NCR detected during the audit.
2. Participate the audit to supplier according to arrangement of quality department.
3. Support quality department on NQE event treatment, including take containment action with other department, define and take related corrective and preventive action.
1. "Perform on-site audit for process compliance, check the consistence of method, program, tool and consumable been used in mass production. Declare non-conformance and any abnormal or risk which might cause process failure, part NC, quality escape, HSE issue, cost increase or production interruption.
Production shall guarantee operator only use manufacturing instruction defined program, method, tool and consumable, and declare immediately when the difference or deviation be detected on workshop."
2. "Respond production request comes from QRQC, ANDON system, email or other way to solve the issue related to process in order to recover production and quality level as soon as possible, for example tool abnormal, program alarm, consumable abnormal, part NC, etc., and leading process deviation or part NC investigation, analysis and correction activity with RPO or 8D method when necessary.
Production shall maintain the original condition of abnormal or NC, and provide as much as possible accurate information, availability of operator and machine to support trouble troubleshooting and solving."
3. Train operator according to the training matrix and qualification plan, and evaluate the operator's technique skill to obtain operation qualification.

Description complémentaire

1. "Provide DVI required documents (for example MI, test and inspection report) according to DVI milestone requirement and GPVI actions.
Product department will assess the risk and impact of change for the product (for example impact to other related characters or operations).
2. Define the standard operation time and send the data to Product engineer.
Product engineer update the standard operation time in system."
3. Draft process requirement in machine specification, perform primary and provisional acceptance test for new machine.
4. Define rework method and create rework program and instruction when necessary, approve the rework sheet with specific delegation from process manager.
CI "Lead or participate continuous improvement activity / project for process robustness improvement, quality improvement or cost reduction.
The improvement request and objective can come from product or quality department."
1. "Work with maintenance team for process issue troubleshooting and solving, support maintenance team for machine breakdown recover.
Maintenance team shall provide essential information (for example machine alarm record, machine geomatric data, machine parameter data, maintenance record, etc.) of machine to support process team on process deviation or part NC troubleshooting and solving."
2. Create item number and safety stock for consumable machine tool (for example machine's probe, chuck, sparying nozzle, etc.)

Votre profil

Qualification Requirements (Skills /Experience/ Education/Behavior)
1. Work related requirements
Education: Bachelor or above degree, and major in engineering related field.
Working Experience: Junior process engineer:
Below 3 years' experience in related engineering field.
Process engineer:
3 to 10 years' experience in related engineering field.
Senior process engineer:
Above 10 years' experience in related engineering field.
Knowledge/Skills: Inspection process:
1. Familiar with operation of each kinds of measuring equipment including CMM, projector, roughness measuring machine etc
2. Strong ability to read and understand drawings, master GD&T
3. Familiar with statistical methods on MSA, SPC.
4. Familiar with measurement error analysis
5. Skilled on Office Software (Excel, Word, PPT)

Conventional Process:
1. Strong ability to read and understand drawings
2. Familiar with SIMENS 840D system operation and programming
3. Good at milling and turning technical knowledge
4. Familiar with cutting tools knowledge.
5. Skilled on Catia / Topsolid programming and Ncsimul application
6. Logical thinking and skilled on problem solving tool such as RPO, 8D, 5Why.
7. Familiar with PFEMA and SPC application
8. Skilled on Office Software (Excel, Word, PPT).

Non-conventional Process:
1. Professional knowledge which is related to metal material, heat treatment and surface treatment process
2. Familiar with special process knowledge and process management
3. Has knowledge of ABB robot, Fanuc robot and Staubli robot programing if applicable.
4. Has knowledge of SIMENS 840D system if applicable
5. Logical thinking and skilled on problem solving tool such as RPO, 8D, 5Why.
6. Familiar with PFEMA and SPC application
7. Familiar with NADCAP and AS9100 system and requirement
8. Basic knowledge of mechanical drawing and design
9. Skilled on Office Software (Excel, Word, PPT).

Entité de rattachement

Safran Aircraft Engines

Safran est un groupe international de haute technologie opérant dans les domaines de l'aéronautique (propulsion, équipements et intérieurs), de l'espace et de la défense. Sa mission : contribuer durablement à un monde plus sûr, où le transport aérien devient toujours plus respectueux de l'environnement, plus confortable et plus accessible. Implanté sur tous les continents, le Groupe emploie 79 000 collaborateurs pour un chiffre d'affaires de 16,5 milliards d'euros en 2020, et occupe, seul ou en partenariat, des positions de premier plan mondial ou européen sur ses marchés. Safran s'engage dans des programmes de recherche et développement qui préservent les priorités environnementales de sa feuille de route d'innovation technologique.

Safran est classé meilleur employeur mondial 2020 dans son secteur par le magazine Forbes.

Safran Aircraft Engines conçoit, produit et commercialise, seul ou en coopération, des moteurs aéronautiques civils et militaires aux meilleurs niveaux de performance. La société est notamment, à travers CFM International*, le leader mondial de la propulsion d'avions commerciaux courts et moyen-courriers. Dans le domaine de la propulsion militaire, la société a intégralement conçu développé et produit le M88 et le M53 qui équipent respectivement le Rafale et le Mirage 2000 et sera intégrateur du moteur du futur avion de combat européen.

*CFM International est une société commune 50/50 de Safran Aircraft Engines et GE.

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