Shareholders’ Club: a favored relationship with Safran

At Safran, strengthening relations with our shareholders is vital. By joining the Shareholders’ Club, you will enjoy special advantages. You also get a real insider's view of our business, through plant visits that give you a close-up look at our operations.

Exclusive advantages

As a member of the Shareholders'Club, you will benefit from exclusive advantages, including:

  • Des Plant visits : Safran opens the doors of its plants, offering you guided visits so you can get to know our business sectors, companies, areas of expertise and research labs. This is an unprecedented opportunity to meet our people and get a "behind the scenes" look at our products and areas of expertise.
  • Shareholder meetings : meetings dedicated to our shareholders, where you can ask any questions you may have in mind.
  • Training courses : Would you like to learn how the stock market operates, how to manage a share portfolio, or more about the latest challenges facing the world of finance? We offer practical training courses, in partnership with the French stock market (Bourse) school.

Join the club, it’s simple!

  • Membership is absolutely free. To qualify, you just have to hold at least one Safran share. (The Club is not open to employee shareholders, and concerns only individuals.)
  • To register, just fill out a membership form and send it to: Safran | Club Actionnaire | 2, bd du Général Martial-Valin | 75724 Paris Cedex 15, France
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