Capital structure and voting rights

Safran's share capital is divided between a stake held by the French State, another held by employees and former employees, and the shares held by individual and institutional shareholders (public). The Safran's capital is composed of 427,238,616 shares.

Capital shareholding structure

At 2021/04/30



Voting rights: potential (1) and theoretical (2)

At 2021/04/30




Please note the following:

  • Shares that have been registered for at least two years in the name of the same shareholder benefit from double voting rights.
  • Exercisable voting rights are given for information purposes, not taking into account shares that do not have voting rights (treasury shares).
  • Theoretical voting rights are calculated according to article 223-11 of the general rules of French market authority AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers), based on all shares with voting rights, including non-voting shares (treasury shares).
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