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Individual shareholders

To forge a close relationship based on trust with its individual shareholders, Safran proposes a number of services in this shareholders' area. Here, you will find a complete range of publications to help you discover news from the Group, its results, its strategy, the information meetings proposed for you, and to learn more about the exclusive benefits of the Safran Shareholders' Club. To become a Safran shareholder, you will need a share account open with a financial establishment, who are the only ones authorized to place market orders to buy or sell shares. If you're interested in becoming a shareholder, this area tells you more about the formalities to be completed and the different ways to own Safran shares.

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Becoming a shareholder

Shareholder meeting

Various forms of shareholding are available

You may choose to hold your shares in either registered or bearer form

  • Bearer shares : Bearer shares are held in a share account with a bank or broker of your choice. All transactions relating to Safran shares are recorded in this account, including purchases, sales and dividends. Management fees are payable on bearer shares.
  • Registered shares held in an account managed on behalf of the Company : these shares are registered with Safran and placed in an account in your name with BNP Paribas Securities Services which manages the shares on the Company's behalf. No management fees are payable.
  • Registered shares held in an account managed by a bank or broker of your choice : these shares are registered with Safran but are managed by your bank or broker through a special purpose account. You will have to pay management fees for this service.
  • Registering your shares in an account managed on behalf of the Company : if you wish to hold registered shares in an account managed on behalf of the Company you should complete the form below and send it to your bank or broker who will transfer the shares to BNP Paribas Securities Services. Your bank or broker will generally charge a fee for this transaction.
  • In an account managed by a bank or broker : If you wish to hold registered shares in an account managed by a bank or broker of your choice you need to contact that bank or broker.


Shareholders’ Club: a favored relationship with Safran

Olivier Andriès, CEO of Safran during the Capital Markets Day

At Safran, strengthening relations with our shareholders is vital. By joining the Shareholders’ Club, you will enjoy special advantages. You also get a real insider's view of our business, through plant visits that give you a close-up look at our operations.

Membership is absolutely free. To qualify, you just have to hold at least one Safran share. (The Club is not open to employee shareholders, and concerns only individuals.)

To register, just fill out a membership form available in the publications of this page and send it to:

Club Actionnaire
2, bd du Général Martial-Valin
75724 Paris Cedex 15, France

Join the club, it's simple !

Recognized shareholder dialogue and services

Shareholder Relations - Awards

2023 : Safran has been recognized with the Bronze Award for best CAC 40 shareholder services. This award recognizes the quality of Safran's relationship with its Shareholders.

2024 : Safran wins the EDHEC Business School's 2024 Young Shareholder Award for its pedagogy  on individual shareholding.

Individual shareholders Contact

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