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What are Safran’s key HR commitments?

The four HR priorities that encapsulate life at safran: 

1: Foster diversity and inclusion

2: Develop skills and build career opportunities

3: Ensure a high-quality work environment

4: Encourage collaboration and mutual support

The answer was:

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a core component of Safran's growth policy and part of its corporate purpose. The CSR strategy is based on all stakeholders and driven by initiatives created by Group employees. Referred to as Engage for the Future, it is based on four objectives: decarbonize aerospace, be an exemplary employer, embody responsible industry and affirm our civic commitment.

For more details about Safran’s sustainable development strategy, go to the “Sustainability” section.

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At Safran we are convinced that diversity and inclusion are strong levers for creativity, innovation, and collective performance. We operate a committed policy, promote equal opportunities, and strive to eradicate any form of discrimination. Safran is a signatory of the diversity charter and since 2010 has adopted a proactive approach, as it seeks to apply the principles of the charter across all its sites. A diversity and inclusion roadmap has been deployed with the aim of creating and developing a culture of inclusiveness, with four areas of priority: gender parity, equal opportunities, multiple cultures and disabilities.

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In a changing world where occupations are also changing, we aim to ensure the employability of all. Planning the skills needed in the future and creating career opportunities imply that training and development is required for our employees across the Group and its companies.

Skills development and mobility opportunities enable everyone to build their career path while contributing to the Group’s future.

We want every employee to be able to access certifying or qualifying training at any time in their career, or even change their job when necessary.

Examples in favor of skills development and building opportunities: 

• 2023 saw the introduction of “Selia Skills”, an application using AI, designed to highlight employee skills, experience, career path and interests, to help them explore all the career and training opportunities available within the Group.

• Safran University, Digital Academy, e-learning platform, mentoring, partnerships with universities across the whole world: the Group proposes multiple channels for employee learning and development. In 2023, 91% of employees completed at least one training course. This represents almost 2 million hours of training delivered.

Find out more: For those who dare!(safran-group.com)

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Safran undertakes to propose to its employees a range of measures designed to ensure a good balance between their professional and private lives. 

Several home-office solutions have already been implemented to give employees more flexibility. Other initiatives include schemes to support employees at the various stages of their lives (agreements with local childcare facilities, leave to care for sick or vulnerable family members, additional time for maternity leave, absence for humanitarian actions, etc.).

In 2023, the Group signed an agreement to ensure a flexible and benevolent approach to parenthood. The Agreement is highly innovative as its measures are suited to the social realities of accessing parenthood (support for second parent during Fertility treatment), take into account the risks and difficulties of certain pregnancies (leave for both parents in case of spontaneous loss of pregnancy, adaptation of working hours during pregnancy, etc.) and improve the balance between personal and work lives (part-time hours possible in the year following birth paid at 90% rate, full pay during maternity / paternity leave and adoption, etc.). 

This agreement applies to France and will be extended to all countries where the Group operates.

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Safran salaries are competitive in the 30 countries where it operates, through annual measurement of salaries in relation to internal and external markets, thanks to surveys conducted by reputable HR consultants such as Willis Towers Watson and Mercer. 

Outside France, Safran proposes profit-sharing schemes and an international group savings plan (PEGI) which enables employees to invest in Safran stock with a matching employer contribution.

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4 reasons to join Safran:

- Sustainably transform aviation to build tomorrow’s world

- Work in a high-technology environment

- Build a career path full of varied opportunities

- Create a good balance between work and home life

The answer was:

Career opportunities are possible in all countries where we operate. In the “Job openings” section, you can filter available jobs by country.

Safran also proposes VIE contracts for people who wish to experience life in another country. All these offers are available in the "Job openings” section. 

The answer was:

- Fixed-term / open-ended: in 2023, Safran recruited 21,377 people around the world, of whom 18,101 on open-ended contracts and 3,276 on fixed-term contracts. We are continuously seeking new talented individuals across all our professions. 

Internships and work/study programs: each year, Safran hosts several thousand interns and students on work-study programs across all its activities (over 7,300 in 2023). This also offers priority access to employment. 

- VIE (International Voluntary Service): in 2023, the Group proposed 48 international volunteer contracts. 

- PhD thesis: the Group hosts many PhD students in France, proposing directly applicable subjects (255 PhD students hosted in 2023). 

The answer was:

- Be well informed about Group activities, its engagement and values: Discover Safran in 1 minute (safran-group.com)

- Go to the Careers section of the Safran website where you can find: 

  • Information about Safran as an employer
  • Focus on certain Group activities
  • Details of employee activities at Safran

- Find out about the expected tasks, detailed in the description of the job you applied for. 

- And lastly, watch the video: Tips for a successful job interview (safran-group.com)

The answer was:
  1. Pre-selection: Your application is reviewed jointly by the recruitment manager and the manager of the position in question. You’ll receive an email response. If your application is not accepted, it will be placed in the candidate pool, and you may be contacted later for another opening. 
  2. Interviews: you will be interviewed by a recruitment officer and one or more operational managers, including your potential future manager. Following the interview stage, you will receive a reply as swiftly as possible.
  3. Hiring: if your application is successful, Safran will formally define the terms of your employment contract and prepare for your arrival. 
  4. Well done and welcome to Safran!
The answer was:

You can track the progress of your applications using an account you create in the candidate area. An application that is “pending” means that the recruiters and operational managers are currently assessing it. 

- Response time: the lead time for processing applications is 3 to 5 weeks. It depends on the number of applications received for processing by our recruiters. Whatever the situation, you will at least receive an e-mail reply. 

- Pooled application: if you have not been selected for the job you applied for, but the recruiter considers that your skills are of interest to the Group and that they might correspond to other needs, your profile will be retained in a candidate pool. 

- Withdraw application: if you have submitted an application whether in response to an opening or not, it is not possible to delete it, even if you have received a negative response. If you submitted an application by mistake, you can withdraw from the application.

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