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1. Human Resources

a. Applications

How do I apply to work at Safran?

  1. Explain your motivations (develop skills, career change, relocation, etc.).
  2. Update your resume with your most recent work experience.
  3. Explain your career goals and customize your cover letter for the specific position.
  4. Create your candidate page Set your alerts on your candidate page.
  5. Use your candidate page to apply for job listings that fit your career goals.

Do I need to use a particular browser to create my candidate page?

  • You can use any browser except Safari.

How many cover letters and resumes can I upload on the Careers website?

  • You can save 1 to 3 resumes and 0 to 3 cover letters, but you can certainly apply for more than three positions.

Can I delete a cover letter or resume that I’ve already used to apply for a position?

  • No documents used for an application can be deleted from your candidate page even if you were not selected. However, you can edit the contents of the attachment and save the changes on your candidate page. Simply click “How do I edit my attachments?” and then the paper and pencil symbol. You can upload a new attachment and change its title. 

  • Note: If the attachments that you want to edit have already been used for previous applications that are still being processed, the recruiter will continue to have access to the unedited version.

I’ve saved my attachments on the candidate page. Are they visible to the recruiters?

  • Even if you haven’t applied for any job listings, creating an account is equivalent to an open application immediately visible to the recruiters.

Can I delete an application that I submitted for a job listing or an open application?

  • Once you’ve submitted an application for a job listing or an open application, you can no longer delete it even if you were not selected. In case of an error, you can withdraw your application.

Can I edit my personal information on my candidate page?

  • You can edit your information on the candidate page. Once you’re logged in, click “View and edit my candidate profile” and then “Edit my information” at the bottom of the page. You can then edit your saved information and items.

How can I delete my account from the candidate page?

  • You can certainly delete your account, whether you opened it to create alerts or simply created a candidate page.
  • If you haven’t completed your candidate profile and haven’t applied for any positions, you can delete your account by clicking “Delete my account.” Your account will then be deleted from the database.
  • If you’re currently no longer looking for a job but want to keep your account on the candidate page, you have the option of deactivating your account. Your information will be saved, but the recruiters will no longer have access to your profile.

What should I do if the message “All required fields must be completed” appears?

  • If you’ve attached your resume and completed all the required fields, you can request help by writing to [email protected]. We recommend providing as much information as possible, including screenshots, to give us a better understanding of the problems you encountered.

What if I forgot my password?

  • If you know the email address you used to create the account, simply click “Retrieve password” and enter the email address. You’ll receive your login information at that email address.

What if the Careers website won’t let me apply for a job?

  • You can request help by writing to [email protected]. We recommend providing as much information as possible, including screenshots, to give us a better understanding of the problems you encountered. For example, you can send the error message that appears on the screen.

What address can I write to if I notice a problem on the Careers site?

  • If you encounter connection or technological problems, you can request help by writing to [email protected].

My candidate page says that status of my application is “processing.” What does that mean?

  • An application with “processing” status is being reviewed by the recruiters and the operations staff.

My candidate page says that my application has been placed in a candidate pool. What does that mean?

  • Your application is placed in the candidate pool if you weren’t selected for the job you applied for, but the recruiter feels that your skills may be of interest to the Group and could potentially meet another need.

What is Safran’s application response time? What should I do if I don’t receive a response?

  • The application processing time is 3 to 5 weeks. It depends on the volume of applications received by our recruiters. In any case, you’ll receive at least one response by email.

How can I find out the status of my application?

  • You can track the progress of your applications on the candidate page you created.

Can I apply even if there are no job listings that match my profile?

  • You can absolutely submit an open application. However, our recruiters give priority to applications submitted for a specific job listing. We therefore strongly recommend finding a suitable job listing to give maximum exposure to your profile.

I gave my cover letter and resume at a job fair. What should I do now?

  • Even if you gave your resume and cover letter to a Safran employee at a job fair or conference, we urge you to create your candidate page and apply for job postings that fit your profile. All applications must be submitted through the tool in order to be examined by the recruiter in charge of the job listing.

Can I submit my application by email? Through social networks?

  • Personal data associated with the application will be processed by a system dedicated to that purpose. The email software used by our recruiters is not part of that system. However, you can apply for our job listings directly through LinkedIn, job boards, or our Careers website.

How does Safran manage my personal data?

  • The creation of an account on the application platform entails the application of the personal data management system (Safran - Talent - Terms and Conditions (safran-group.com) set up by Safran on the basis of the execution of the pre-contractual measures.
  • The personal data you’ve entrusted to Safran will be stored until two years after your last contact unless you delete your account.

Can I access my personal data?

  • You can access your personal data held by Safran at any time. To do this, log into your candidate page, go to the “Download my data” section, and click the “Request my archive” button. The system will prepare your archive and send you a secure link to retrieve your personal data. Your personal data and your account are linked. If you’ve created multiple accounts with multiple email addresses, you’ll need to submit requests for all these accounts.

How do I delete my account from the candidate page and all my personal data?

  • If you’re currently no longer looking for a job but want to keep your account on the candidate page, you have the option of deactivating your account or putting it on hold. Your information will be saved, but the recruiters will no longer have access to your profile.
  • You can directly delete all of your personal data by logging into your account, heading "delete my account".
  • To delete your account, please email your request to [email protected]. The address [email protected] is not intended to process job applications. No response will be made within the scope of this adress.


b. Recruitment

What is Safran’s recruitment process?

  1. Pre-selection: Your application is reviewed jointly by the recruitment manager and the manager of the position. You’ll receive an email response. If your application is not accepted, it will be placed in the candidate pool, and you may be contacted later for another position. 
  2. Interviews: You’ll be interviewed by a recruitment officer and one or more members of the operations staff, including your potential future manager. Following your interviews, you’ll receive a response shortly. 
  3. Hiring: If your application is selected for the position, Safran will formalize the terms of your contract and prepare for your arrival. 
  4. Congratulations and welcome to Safran!

How should I prepare for a recruitment interview with Safran?

Are there positions for workers with disabilities?

  • For many years, Safran has contributed to equal opportunities through its active policy of integrating or maintaining employees with disabilities in the labor market. Every year, individuals with disabilities join the Group for internships, work/study opportunities, or under open-ended employment contracts. The disability agreement signed in 2018 illustrates this commitment, with recruitment goals and priority given when there are equally qualified candidates.

Are there opportunities outside France? Internships? Do you take Volunteers for International Experience (VIE)?

  • Safran is an international group operating in many countries around the world. You can see job listings on the Careers page of our website.


2. Account

How do I create an account on the safran-group site?

  • To create an account, visit the account creation page with a valid email address at the ready. The account lets you subscribe to Safran newsletters and press releases.

How can I retrieve my password?

  • Just click forgotten password and enter the email address used to create your account. An email will be sent to you at that address to reset your password.

How do I delete my account?

  • To delete your account, go to the My account section > Manage my account > Delete my account.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

  • Once you’ve logged into your account, go to the My account section > My subscriptions, where you can choose how often you receive your Safran newsletter.

What information is retrieved from the safran-group.com account?

  • Once you’ve logged into your account, you can download the data associated with your account in the My account section > Manage my account > Export my data , where you can export your data in .zip format.


3. Finance

I would like to subscribe to Safran's financial news. How can I do this?

  • Go to the My account section > My subscriptions> Activate your subscription> Select a “live” sending frequency and select the “Finance” theme to receive all of Safran's financial news.

How do I subscribe to the Safran Shareholder Club?

How can I watch the recording of Safran's General Meeting?

I’m a registered shareholder: who should I contact?

  • BNP PARIBAS Security Services, CTS Emetteurs – Actionnariat Safran. Grand Moulins de Paris 9 rue du Débarcadère 93 761 Pantin Cedex, France, or call the toll-free (in France) number 0 826 100 374


4. Personal data

Does Safran have a Group personal data protection policy?

Does Safran have Controller Binding Corporate Rules?

  • Yes, Safran has had Controller Binding Corporate Rules (Controller BCRs) since 2010, which are currently being reviewed by the authorities in 2020. Controller BCRs enable the transfer of personal data belonging to employees and professional contact details for partners between all of the Group's companies, regardless of their location.  Under this system, companies located outside the European Union undertake to protect and secure personal data originating from the European Union and to grant rights to the persons concerned.

Does Safran have Processor Binding Corporate Rules?

  • Safran does not yet have Processor Binding Corporate Rules (Processor BCRs) enabling the transfer of personal data entrusted by its customers to Safran subsidiaries located outside the European Union.


5. Supplier/Vendor

Where can I find the Group's supplier portals?

I’m looking for Safran's purchasing terms and conditions, where can I find them?

I’m looking for certificates from a Group company; where are they?

Where can I find the purchasing relationship charter?

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