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Optics Engineer

Empresa : Safran Electronics & Defense Campo de actividad : Óptica, optrónica Ubicación : Mexicali , Baja California , México Tipo de contrato : Contrato indeterminado / Indefinido Duración del contrato : Tiempo completo Titulación requerida : Profesional / Licenciatura / Grado / Diplomatura Experiencia requerida : Más de 3 años Categoría profesional : Ingeniero y Gerentes Idioma(s) hablado(s) : Inglés Fluido

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

The Optics engineering utilizes optics principles to design and build light-emitting devices. They use specific materials, such as lenses and circuits, to build these devices. They ensure that light sources align with the lenses to produce light emission, such as from a laser.

Descripción complementaria

• Determining how to produce and control light in high-tech devices
• Knowledge of photometrics including chromaticity, luminance, radiance/night vision
• Knowledge in optical materials including color filters, diffusers, NVIS filters, etc.
• Experience in bonding optical layers
• Developing prototypes of optical systems
• Creating detailed designs of optic, laser, or photonic technology
• Overseeing the manufacturing team to ensure they're adhere to design principles
• Testing the final product with photometric test equipment (including photometer, radiometer)
• Diagnosing product defects or errors
• Ordering the necessary supplies and resources for projects
• Writing detailed instructions for equipment use
• Collaborating with other engineers to complete projects more efficiently
• Creating computer models of designs for client approval
• Staying up to date with industry trends and advancements
• Familiar with LED, incandescent lighting
• Experience with aircraft dimming controls
• Other duties as assigned.

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo

Required Competencies
- Four-year bachelor's degree in physics, electrical engineering, or a related field.
- 5 or more years specialized experience in photometrics or optics preferably in a manufacturing environment
- Language proficiency in Spanish and English is required

Knowledge, skills, and abilities
- Strong understanding of physics
- Proficient in mathematics
- Problem-solving skills
- Manual dexterity
- Familiarity with MIL standards including MIL-PRF-25050, MIL-PRF-7788, MIL-STD-3009
- Ability to use scientific equipment, such as spectrometers and watt meters

Especificidad del puesto de trabajo

This position is located in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Occasional travel may be requested.

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Ave. Sierra San Agustín #2498 Col. El Porvenir CP 21185


Baja California México

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