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- VIE - MRO Operational Project Manager - SHE USA

Empresa : Safran Helicopter Engines Campo de actividad : Mejora Continua Ubicación : Grand Prairie , Texas , Francia Tipo de contrato : VIE Duración del contrato : Tiempo completo Titulación requerida : Maestria / Postgrado/Máster Experiencia requerida : Primera experiencia Idioma(s) hablado(s) : Inglés Fluido

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

Safran HE USA launched successfully specific initiatives over recent years in order to decrease the costs and turn around time (TAT) of repair thanks to process improvements. The pre-quote department remains heavily involved in main company strategic axis (TAT, customer satisfaction, competitiveness plan, production plan...).
The target of this mission will be to generate positive impacts on each strategic axis with a special focus on competitiveness (efficiency, RvN consumption, repair part strategy), industrial flow optimization and customer satisfaction (prioritization, technical report revamp).
This effort will be a collaborative effort with the local and corporate departments.

Essential Duties and Resposabilities:

Project management - Efficiency Improvement
To coordinate and take the lead on developments related to efficiency improvements within the Pre-Quote department :
- To review, fine tune and drive the global project organization & strategy
- To help & support the efficiency tool development
- To organize and coordinate the deployment, integration of improvements within the operational teams
- To help animating discussions around efficiency within the team

Project management - RvN consumption
To coordinate and take the lead on developments related to the RvN process within the Pre-Quote department :
- To review & analyze RvN reuslts & potential misses
- To improve the idnustrial process to minimize rework between Ops, MRP, BSR engineers & Kitting

Operations - TAT follow-up
- Support in operational management of TAT throughout the pre-quote department
- Analyze the TAT to dientify main drivers & areas for improvements
- Creative solutions to overcome daily operational challenges (lack of capacity, ...)

Operations - Non Quality Analysis
- To help monitoring the level of non qualities delivered by the pre-quote team
- Support root cause analysis with the goal to identify create action plans to improve

Continuous Improvements
- To carry out specific Data analysis & crunching related to Pre-Quote challenges
- To identify and propose ways of improvements & successfully lead related improvements projects and demonstrate gains

Required competencies
"Master's Degree in Engineering school
Demonstrated skills in Project Management with knowledge in finance and industrial process improvements
Solid bases in coding (PowerBI would be a plus)
Able to communciate and lead in a multi cultural environment at multiple levels

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2709 Forum Drive TX 75052-7027

Grand Prairie

Texas Francia

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