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Senior Progress Representative North American Industrial Operations

Empresa : Safran Campo de actividad : Mejora Continua Ubicación : Irving , Estados Unidos Tipo de contrato : Contrato indeterminado / Indefinido Duración del contrato : Tiempo completo Titulación requerida : Profesional / Licenciatura / Grado / Diplomatura Experiencia requerida : Más de 8 años

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

Safran Quality and Progress directorate, is searching for senior representatives of the Safran Progress initiative (F/M) able to support any kind of Industrial operations within Safran and its tier companies based in the North American zone (USA, Canada, Mexico).
Safran corporate Progress directorate is integrated in the Safran Quality and Progress department which is part of the Industrial, Purchasing and Performance Direction. Its aim is to lead Safran towards Operational EXcellence either in terms of achieving best-in-class industrial performance than in relentlessly satisfying its external customers expectation.

The individual will help and support internal customers of Safran companies in their transformation, performance improvement initiatives and projects in the various industrial operation domains (Manufacturing excellence & Global Supply chain management (internal/external) & industrialization of products). She/he will help them to deploy, embark and sustain in the operational excellence journey. She/he will interact with all operational domains according to the changing nature of the topics understanding the Safran Group companies culture, their products and services. The person will then interact at all levels of the company organization from top to bottom. The wide field of possible action mode goes from helping and even practicing temporarily improvement/transformation project management, deploying change management in company organizations thus to demonstrate coaching and training capabilities.

The job position will be located in Mexico (location CUU and /or QRO) for 2 positions and in USA (West coast and/ or Texas) for 2 positions. The area of action for the individual may include any Safran site over Mexico, US and Canada. This activity may require frequent traveling including internationally.

The successful candidate
- Is involved in upfront contact with all Safran companies in NA zone and help framing the field of her/his action with them,
- To set and lead any necessary diagnostic and preliminary activity in relation to the customer's needs,
- To suggest and steer the proposed working plan,
- To lead and support all necessary workshops and team working activities required where and when needed,
- To sustain and support change management activities with the corresponding customer teams,
- She/he extensively uses the One Safran Group standards and methodologies to help building sustainable solutions for her/his customers and consequently is deeply involved in methodologies evolution.
-Acting as a coach and sometimes as the initial project leader with the aim to transfer the content and the knowledge accumulated towards the customer company once the project have been started and is mature enough.
-The representative may also be organizing and leading training sessions as a trainer, cascading Safran training content from Safran University in the frame of specific needs or internal events.

Descripción complementaria

Specificities of the position

During her/his extensive professional experience, the representative has been assigned in various industrial operational positions and continuous improvement activities (Supply Chain management, manufacturing operations, supplier performance management, industrialization engineering, etc…) She/He led numerous projects, re-organizations, industrial transfers, transformation and continuous improvement activities and she/he is capable to interact at all levels of the customer organization including with top executives to help them setting their vision/strategy or to build and execute its deployment or to solve complex operational issues. She/he is able to perfectly understand the global situation of her/his customer, its expectations and its needs. Any kind of situation and context might be met in the frame of her/his field of action in the principle.

*All candidates for USA positions will be requested to have no restriction regarding their ability to comply with ITAR free access conditions on any category of activity (US citizen native or binational or Green card entitlement fully active). This will also be considered as criteria for Mexican positions.

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo

Candidacy profile

The successful candidate will have :

- Bachelors Degree (preferably in an engineering discipline)
- Plus a minimum of 15 years demonstrated experience in the field of managing supply chain or industrial operations and/or consulting activities in the related domains preferably in the Aerospace industry but other industrial domains might be looked at (Automotive, train, high technology and complex engineered products, etc…)
- Safran-validated Master Black Belt
- A good knowledge of the MRP2 processes, supply chain referential and associated tools (ERP systems)
- Robust and strong references in managing performance improvement within organizations by mastering lean transformation techniques and management, being knowledgeable of digital evolution of means.
- Robust knowledge of project management practices allowing to structure companies projects from upfront framing until realization, ability to act as an effective project leader over major complex projects.
- Ability to animate and lead all kinds of team activities (workshops, working teams, trainings,…) sometimes remotely.
- Deep understanding of the One Safran principles
- APICS certification or equivalent will be a significant plus.

Following skills and competences are required additionally to previously described technical skills:

- Listening, analyzing and re-questioning capabilities up to the final structuration and final synthesis capacity,
- Is able to positively challenge at all levels from top executives managers to operators,
- Interpersonal strong capacities and relationship abilities,
- Team working and mindset,
- Ability to adapt to any kind of situation, including in doing things her/himself
- Convincing strength,
- Individual working structuration and organization using robust methods (Lean 6 sigma & others…)
- Taste for digital and able to master main IS office systems including remote community sharing tools.

Candidacy criteria

-Mechanical Engineering Graduation, An APICS certification is a significant plus
-Greater than 15-20 years in industrial operations (Production, Supply chain and Continuous improvement)

• Native English
• Spanish and French are a plus (spoken, read, written)

Ubica tu futuro lugar de trabajo

2201 W. Royal Lane #150 Irving, TX  75063


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