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Dynamic FEA Engineer I

Empresa : Safran Seats Campo de actividad : Arquitectura e Ingeniería de Sistemas Ubicación : Gainesville , Texas , Estados Unidos Tipo de contrato : Contrato indeterminado / Indefinido Duración del contrato : Tiempo completo Titulación requerida : Profesional / Licenciatura / Grado / Diplomatura Experiencia requerida : Primera experiencia Categoría profesional : Ingeniero y Gerentes Salario : Based on Market Rate

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

The individual is responsible for doing static and quasi-static finite element analysis starting from component to sub-structure level.

Main Function Responsibilities:

A) Responsible for inspecting the CAD data received from designers prior to the inception of meshing.
B) Will independently mesh the component.
C) Responsible for doing all the mesh quality checks defined per the internal design validation guidelines for meshing by Safran Seats USA
D) Set up the model for static and quasi static analysis using Altair tools or LS-pre-post.
E) Analyze design and test data to implement proper engineering approach into a design.
G) Perform all the necessary linear/non-linear static analysis.
H) Perform Pre and Post processing.
I) Validate model with test and establish correlation.
J) Optimize design based on analysis and test results.
K) Prepare technical presentations for product engineering under the supervision of design validation engineer IV or lead
L) Work with design and certification engineers as well as with test laboratory to provide best possible designs.
M) Comply with Safran Seats USA procedures (QAP) and certification internal procedures.
N) Document all design validation work (including FEA) and maintain database.
O) Performs other duties as assigned.

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo

Qualification Requirements:

A. Education & Qualification:
• Must have a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering or related.

B. Work Experience - Technical knowledge:
• Prefer 1 year of finite element analysis experience using LS-Dyna or Radioss, Altair HyperWorks suite, ANSYS or equivalent software package.
• Prefer knowledge of NASTRAN.

C. Professional Skills:
• Must have a strong background in basic structural engineering such as free body diagrams and strength of materials.
• Knowledge of FEA using LS-Dyna or Radioss, Altair HyperWorks suite, ANSYS or equivalent software package preferred. Knowledge of NASTRAN is preferred but not mandatory.
• Prefer broad understanding of finite element analysis and failure modes.
• Must have strong mechanical aptitude.
• Must have ability to think strategically and solve problems.
• Must be able to communicate efficiently in writing and verbally.
• Must be able to operate standard office equipment.
• Must be able to perform standard stress analysis.
• Must be willing to perform tests and some physical work at the test laboratory, as required.
• Knowledge of FAA (Part 25) and airframes manufacturer requirements is preferred but not mandatory.
• Basic ProE/CATIA skill is preferred.
• Knowledge of stochastic/statistical tools (DOE) is preferred
• Must have the ability to generate written communication and to operate required office equipment.
• Ability to read and review written communication.
• Speech and hearing abilities that allow individual to communicate clearly and distinctly in English.

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Texas Estados Unidos

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