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Sr Cabinet Builder

Greenpoint Technologies Fabricación, Montaje, Reparación Denton , Texas , Estados Unidos Contrato indeterminado / Indefinido Tiempo completo Bachillerato, Preparatoria Más de 3 años

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

Builds high-end aircraft cabinetry using a variety of veneers, laminates and composite materials in a timely and efficient fashion ensuring quality standards are attained. Provides training to cabinet builders.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
• Supports the mentorship and training of the cabinet builders.
• Reads, interprets and analyzes customer specification documents.
• Reads and interprets engineering drawings.
• Works with aerospace materials consistently.
• Bonds hinge blocks into panels, set doors, drawers, etc.
• Fabricates hardwood bullnose, corian counter tops.
• Prepares kerf and fiberglass panels.
• Applies adhesives and epoxies to materials.
• Builds drawers and cabinets on large monuments.
• Applies and works with veneer on product.
• Lays out and routes for switches, cup holders & inlays.
• Installs inlays.
• Lays out and cuts materials on the table saw.
• Operates CNC and Pin Router.
• Wears safety equipment as required and practices safety guidelines/procedures, including Hazardous Materials guidelines.
• Produces a quality product consistently.
• Interprets scheduling requirements to makes adjustments as needed.
• Properly maintains shop tools and equipment.
• Maintains a neat, organized work area and help with the general daily housekeeping of the department.
• Meets target hours and completes schedules as set by Supervision.
• Trains and instructs others.
• Maintains regular attendance including being at work, being on time to work and working full shifts.
• Other duties as assigned.
Personal Tool Requirements
NOTE: Although the company provides some tools, the production of Aerospace Interiors is a highly developed skill that requires many personal tools enabling an individual to construct quality items in a productive time frame. Tools that may help improve the productivity and efficiency are Cordless Drills, pneumatic Drills, Angle Drills (Angle Drill suggested but not required), etc.
The minimum required tools must be obtained within 6 months after initial employment.
Minimum Requirements
Tool Box Small Hammer Awl
Calculator Chisel Set (1/8" to 1") Pliers (regular & needle nose)
Putty knife Scale (24 inch flex in 16R grads.) Scale (6 inch in 16R grads.)
Screwdriver (Straight) Screwdriver (Phillips #1 & # 2) Square (12" & 24" Combo in 6R)
Tape Measure (10') Dec/Frac Utility Knife Crescent Wrench (Small &/or Med)
Allen Wrenches (Small Set) Wire Cutters Nut Driver Set
Tap Set Calipers Punch, Center
Vise Grips (small) Flashlight Offset Screwdriver (90 Degree)

Additional Tool Requirements:
Socket Set 90 Degree Die Grinder Straight Die Grinder
Trim Router Angle Drill Motor Semco Sealant Gun
Large Hand Router Riu Nut Puller Rivet Gun

Descripción complementaria

Shop Tool Operation

NOTE: An employee professing knowledge necessary to operate any machine on this checklist will be required to demonstrate these abilities. No employee should operate equipment until another employee who has proven experience on the equipment in question has instructed the employee in the set up and operation.

The employee will be required to demonstrate the safe set-up and operation of the following items.

Spray Gun (Contact Glue) Hand Tools (Small Electric and Pneumatic)
Sander, Pneumatic or Electric (Hand Held) Router, (Hand Router, Table Router)
Press, Drill Surface Sander, (Drum Sander)
Sander, (Disc, Spindle) Saw, (Band Saw)
Saw, (Table Saw, Sliding Table Saw, Panel Saw) Planer/Jointer
Chop Saw

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo

Summary of Education, Experience & Certification
Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent. Minimum of four years aircraft cabinetry experience.

Employees working on programs subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations must qualify as a US Person which is defined as a US Citizen, a Permanent Resident who does not work for a foreign company/foreign government/foreign governmental agency or organization, or a political asylee for legal compliance purposes.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
• Ability to lead and motivate team members towards project objectives.
• Ability to share lessons learned and company processes and procedures with new employees.
• Ability to share applicable knowledge and effectively train others.
• Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of employees.
• Ability to communicate in English (read, write and verbally communicate).
• Mathematical knowledge and ability to apply towards problem solving using decimals and fractions.
• Ability to identify and operate proper tools for the task assigned.
• Exhibits hand-eye coordination skills.
• Ability to identify application characteristics of adhesives and epoxies.
• Ability to read measuring instruments.
• Ability to correctly label parts for re-assemble.
• Ability to build shop aids.
• Ability to fabricate small sheet metal parts (angles, clips, brackets, etc.)
• Ability to manufacture items needed for final assembly adjustments (shims, blocks, etc.)
• Ability to travel as required.
• Ability to work outside of core business hours as required.

Physical Requirements
• Able to comply with DOT/FAA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.
• Able to climb and work on step stools and/or ladders.
• Able to lift 25 lbs. without assistance/able to lift up to 100 lbs. with assistance.
• Able to reach overhead.
• Able to work in a non-dust-free environment.
• Normal or corrected vision (required to perform exacting tasks).
• Full range of motion with both hands.
• Can work in a stooping, kneeling or standing position and in cramped areas.

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