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Maintenance Intern

Safran Landing Systems Mantenimiento de equipos industriales Suzhou/ 苏州 , Jiangsu , China Internship Tiempo completo TSU Primera experiencia Inglés Intermedio

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

Assist the Maintenance Dept. & Manager for daily supporting works, help to establish some supporting process & set into robust.

- 协助现场维修工程师及技术人员日常工作;支持部门内其他需要协助的工作。
Assist the on-site works of maintenance engineers and technicians; Other support works among the Dept. assigned by manager & supervisor.

- 协助维修工程师及技术人员的日常工作
Assist to the daily works among maintenance engineers and technicians
Assist the daily work arrangement & preparation
Assist the on-site service supplier management
- 支持及跟踪日常改善工作
Support the daily improvement works
Support the renovate project, and as well assigned works from manager and leaders
Record and monitor the improvement action & corrective action plan & its status
- 维护部门及现场5S管理体系
Maintain the 5S standardized system
- 协助维修部门备品备件的领取(仓库)及整理工作
Assist the spare part receiving & sorting works
- 其他部门内需要支持的工作
Other works assigned by manager to support the Dept. work

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo

- 大专及以上学历
Junior college and above
- 良好的微软办公软件技能
Familiar with windows office software (PPT / Excel / Word)
- 有机械工程、自动化、计算机等学历优先
Prior to major subject with Mechanical, Automation, IT engineering
- 有一定英文听说读写能力
Ability of English at listening / speaking / reading / writing

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