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Assembly Technician

Empresa : Safran Aircraft Engines Campo de actividad : Fabricación, Montaje, Reparación Ubicación : Jiangsu , Jiangsu , China Tipo de contrato : Contrato determinado / Por obra y servicio Duración del contrato : Tiempo completo Titulación requerida : Bachillerato, Preparatoria Experiencia requerida : Más de 3 años

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

- Work together with the other assembly technician in order to complete the production tasks. Report the quality issue at 1st time detection,
- Have quality awareness, find and report the potential quality risk. Stop production at the 1st detection and report to leader.
- Have the safety awareness; Respect the HSE rule, ware PPE; Find and report the safety risks, and solve the risks that can be solved in the level of the technician.
有安全意识,遵守安全规定,佩戴PPE, 主动发现和上报潜在的安全风险,并主动快速解决在装配技术员层面可以解决的风险。
- In time report and communicate with leaders if there's any problem related with output during the production.
- Have the innovation awareness. Willing to find the production waste and think to improve.
有创新意识, 主动发现工作中的浪费并积极主动的改善。
- Join QRQC level 1 meeting, support leaders to reach the production KPI target.
参加QRQC Level 1回顾会议,积极主动地协助组长领班完成生产部门的各项指标。
- Respect the company discipline and the employee handbook.
- Obey the activity orders from leaders and complete the task on time.

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo

- Familiar with the measurement gauge function; be able to check and read the simple drawing; Strong quality awareness.
- Basic 5S knowledge and Lean knowledge.
- Strong safety awareness.
- Willing to join the multi-skill training, and be able to work shift for different skill position.
- Be able to work in 2nd shift and mid shift, and be able to work overtime according to the production demand.
- Customer focus mindset
- Interpersonal skills (involving working effectively with others, consistent with the company's values)
- Team spirit, the ability of self-study, and strong operational ability;
- Prior experience in a similar aerospace/industrial company or other related role would be a distinct advantage.

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70 Qiming Road, Export Processing Zone B, Suzhou Industrial Park 215126


Jiangsu China

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