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Aeronautical Mechanic (AMC) / Skilled Fitter

Fabricación, Montaje, Reparación Beijing/ 北京 , Jiangsu , China Contrato determinado / Por obra y servicio Tiempo completo Profesional / Licenciatura / Grado / Diplomatura Más de 8 años

Descripción del puesto de trabajo

General Description:
Position Summary: Responsible to repair and overhaul aircraft nacelles components and to ensure the airworthiness using EASA/FAA/CCAR approved technical data relevant to the assigned tasks at the Safran Nacelles Services Suzhou facility.

As an SNSZ AMC you will be responsible for the following:
- Assembling (install or disassemble) nacelles, engine systems, nacelle components or equipment in accordance with the defined process, using all the recommended means and respecting the Quality, HSE and planning requirements.
- To undertake precision drilling of aluminium, carbon fibre, stainless steel and titanium components to fine tolerance. To install fasteners and various rivet types. To attend continuous improvement workshops and be responsible for implementing improvements.
- Perform all work assigned in accordance with approved data
o Ensure complete and proper documentation of work performed
o Ensure that all maintenance performed is in an airworthy condition
o Making sure of the availability and the conformity of the documentation (complete file and coherent indices) necessary for the realization of the operation of assembly and / or dismantling
o Clearly completing the associated documents, which aim in particular to guarantee the traceability of the operations carried out
- Maintains the premises and the repair station in a clean and organized manner
o Making sure of the availability and the validity of the means of production, the products used and the parts necessary for the realization of the operation of assembly and / or disassembly
- Participating in continuous improvement actions of the production process
- Performs additional duties as requested by the manager personnel

Descripción complementaria

Primary Objectives (including but not limited to the following):
- Take care of yourself, your colleagues, the company and the community to build a sustainable business for the long term
- Carry out responsibilities of an employee as outlined in the Company's Health and Safety Policy
o Follow PPE requirements as stipulated in risk assessments and company procedures
o Identifying and report in real time all problems encountered and HSE risks to your manager
- To develop a common culture of quality basics throughout the company and ensure that observation of quality basics is consistent throughout every level of the organisation
- Identify areas and propose solutions, wherever possible, to reduce costs and maximise profit
- Deliver all tasks required by your leadership to a high standard on time and in full
- Possess good levels of concentration for drilling, riveting, cutting and using tools safely and accurately
- Must be able to understand technical drawings and visualize the appearance of finished products
- Will be expected to train other employees
- Reporting any failure
- Maintaining your workstation, your tool and your work area and you will ensure the absence of objects in the basket, in accordance with the FOD policy

Requisitos del puesto de trabajo

- Mandatory
o At least 10 years of experience in aviation,
 Preferably an CCAR-145 approved aerostructures repair facility in China
 General aeronautical knowledge and strongly interested in this sector
 Respect of quality standards and tools of continuous improvement
o Experience in an MRO environment and knowledge of the regulatory framework
 Knowledge the techniques of adjustment, assembly and installation of fixings
 Understanding technical documents (ranges, instruction sheets)
 Appreciation of precision work and manipulation of materials and tools with dexterity
o Strong interpersonal skills
 communication skills, report writing and presentation skills
 Autonomy in the respect of the modus operandi
 Appreciate to work in team, good relationship, attentive, rigorous and careful
o Knowledge of aerostructures and of their repair and maintenance
o English communication in both speech and written format
o Have a good standard of secondary education
- Desirable
o Certified within the CCAR-145 system
o In depth knowledge of Safran Nacelles products
o Ability to perform composite repairs
o NDT qualifications
o Proven leadership skills and the ability to mobilize teams around a common goal and to work independently

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